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January 31, 2015 @ 10:00 am - 8:00 pm

Snowmageddon flyer

Gates open at 10am – Event is from Noon to 8pm

Get ready for So-Gnar Snowmageddon, a FREE event, inviting everyone for a day of playing outside, snowboarding, music, food & beverages and most of all F-U-N.

Music at Snowmageddon will feature 93.3’s Hometown for the Holidays 2010 winner Air Dubai.


January 31, 2015
10:00 am - 8:00 pm
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Ruby Hill Park
Ruby Hill Park
Denver, CO 80223 United States
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Snowmageddon flyer


March 25, 2019
4:17 am

  • These neighborhood meetings seem like their a joke. Why is it okay to allow an obnoxious music festival to come back into a neighborhood where majority of the people don’t want it. Denver has plenty of other locations to hold it. Nothing legit is not discussed at these meetings. There are major issues worth talking about like the street racing going on in the neighborhood no one seems to care about.

  • Are there discounted tickets still available for ruby hill residents? If so can you tell me how to get them? I was not able to make the August 9th meeting.

    • Richard, I have emailed you information about the tickets.

      • Amairani Peregrina

        Hello, Can I get an email with information too? I think I fall within the boundaries and I’d like to know more.

        Thank you!

        • Hi Amairani, I’m sorry I’m just now seeing this, and I hope you were able to get tickets. If you’re on Facebook, I’d encourage you to join our Ruby Hill Neighborhood group, and also to sign up for the newsletter sent from this website where we remind everyone of our neighborhood association meetings (this month’s meeting is tonight!) and send out other updates and news from time to time. You can sign up for that by entering your email address in the “Sign up for updates” box at the top right of this page, and can request membership to the Facebook group here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/RubyHill/

  • I am sueing the city if this f***s up my neighborhood for the weekend. I hope to gather names for a lawsuit against the city for hosting this size of festival without suitable parking areas. South of Evans get nothing but will be inodated with traffic and BS for that weekend!

  • Thanks Erica, a major corridor for me.

  • The picture looks like Alameda Avenue, just east of Sante Fe

  • When are you not working on that area? I guess you don’t like neighborhoods to be able to get out of their neighborhood, and if we do be stuck for 50 minutes in traffic.

    • Yes, it’s quite a pain when Mississippi is closed for those of us who live to the west trying to get anywhere to the east. But I’m hoping once all the construction is completed it’ll be better. I’m still trying to find out from the city what this new closure is about, since they finished all of the water lines, roadwork, and the ped and bike path last year.

  • Wannabe senior citizen biker

    How do the senior retirees start this process of riding bikes on the site? Can we rent all the requisite equipment?+

    • I don’t think the bike park itself has equipment rentals. I imagine there are some bike equipment rental businesses around town. Sorry for my lack of knowledge—this website belongs to the neighborhood association and we don’t run the bike park.

    • no rentals available. this park is for people to use with their own equipment, and at own risk. on the flip side, it’s free.

  • Have I missed the December meeting?

  • Hello, my name is Tom Weed I have recently moved to Denver from summit county. I used to be a ski coach at Woodward copper and have been skiing since I was two years old. I am a very passionate skier and love what you guys are doing for the city. I would love to volunteer and help keep Ruby Hill in great shape while it is open this winter.
    Please let me know how to get in contact with someone. I am a hard worker and have worked in terrain parks before.
    Email : weedmx606@gmail.com
    Cell: 585-208-2342

  • Jasper, did you ever find somewhere to rent a dirt jumper for the day? I’ve been looking all over but can’t find anywhere.

  • This place looks awesome , I’m here from South Africa and looking to ride but cannot find anywhere that rents ‘dirt jump bikes’ (hard tail front suspension) can anyone help ?

    • Hi Jasper, welcome to Denver! I’m excited we have the Ruby Hill bike park in our neighborhood too, even though I don’t ride myself. I’m not sure where you can rent a dirt jump bike, but a good resource might be Denver Parks and Recreation, who owns and operates the bike park and have folks who are much more knowledgeable about bikes.

  • I would just love to know the exact addres or atleast close to something i can search up on google maps

  • Was wondering when the next show is…the 27th?? Thanks so much
    Bo Deboer

  • Hi, is the next concert the 27th..I was just wondering if there were any tonite or this week!! Can’t wait to see it n THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR DOING THIS…do you need volunteers, I’m available!! Thanks,
    Bo Deboer

  • Michael dematteo

    Why do you and the city. Continue to destroy. Our beautiful views.for probhit.for .what was a nice over look.sledding.i was a beautifull place.they destroyed it.i cryed when i saw it like it is.what a shame.total disrespect.for the communnity.and the public…..the park looks like shit.and”does nothing for our communiy…saddest thing ive ever seen.FYI making a new park diddnt mean destroy the the the park we all loved.SAD sad.dont know who u people are.but you have destroyed families .and the community.6

    • Hi Michael. This website is the home of the Ruby Hill-Godsman Neighborhood Association. We’re a group of people from the community who meet and discuss issues and reach out to city leadership to help make our community better.

      I, for example, have lived on the street right next to Ruby Hill Park for the past 8 years, and the park has improved greatly since I first moved here. Many of our neighbors who are part of the association have lived in Ruby Hill / Godsman for over 30 years!

      I encourage you to attend our neighborhood meetings and meet some of the folks who are involved and have worked hard to bring more attention and city resources to our neighborhood. It’s a great place to share your concerns and be heard—we regularly have the District 4 police chief, our city councilman, and representatives from other city services and departments attend our meetings to share what’s going on and hear our concerns.

  • I see part of Ruby Hill has been blocked off. I hope it isn’t a permanent thing .as people of the community drive threw it on a dayle basis.

  • Just checked it oit for the first time this season, my guess is the warm weather from February on melted the base and it was pointless to make more snow.

    What is the constructio going on now?

  • If the name for the park is still open, what’s the name of the creek though the center? Else, Schmitt would work.

  • There were a lot of people there from Ruby Hill as well who are deeply opposed to this festival. They know too well what the impacts will be in terms of noise, parking and safety. The City and AEG are planning to wrap up contract negotiations by March 30 so that they can present the contract to City Council by early May for approval. I urge all of those opposed to the festival to contact everyone on the City Council. Also, if you haven’t already, sign the petition “Resist the Corporate Takeover of Denver’s Parks” at change.org.

  • Charles Dreiling

    After attending the meeting last night, AEG spokesperson and our councilman changed their stance from the first Overland meeting. The first meeting, they stated that if the neighborhood and golfers didn’t want the festival they wouldn’t have it. At the meeting, the vast majority from Overland neighborhood opposed it. Every golfer that uses the course opposes it. Somehow they now are including more data. They will continue to change the rules until they win. They are both liars from the first meeting and now trying to spin it in their favor. They don’t care about the neighborhood and are doing a dog and money show to steal your neighborhood with distractions.

    • I completely agree. It is my belief that they will approve this “festival” no matter how much we diasagree. The money means more to them than we do. We are not a wealthy neighborhood and as a result have no impact on the decision making process.

  • Erica, thank you so much for taking the time to record this meeting! You are a wonderful neighbor and selfless volunteer.

  • Hi Bessie,

    I promise to respond to your email to the garden my tomorrow. I will tell you all about the Ruby Hill Community Garden! 🙂

    Your crazy garden leader,

    Brandy Moe

  • Hi, we live on shoshone st. and unfortunately we are dinosaurs and don’t have Facebook, and we would prefer reading the minutes of these meetings. Thanks ,

    John and Anne Polson.

  • Is there a railjam this year? Also, is it open to anyone? Thanks!

  • That sounds amazing!!! I work at Loveland, and having a local place to get my feet wet is awesome! I am willing to volunteer to keep going as long as possible! Thanks!

  • Please reach out to me and let’s make a difference in the local Denver Music Scene!

  • Jolon said that funds had been appropriated for upgrading the Iowa St underpass from Broadway to Sante Fe and that they would remove the stairs and have a regular path to the west side of Sante Fe. Also, plans were being discussed about set backs for pedestrians from Sante Fe for crosswalks and pushing the buttons on stop lights. There also is a plan being put forth to take the sidewalk along Sante Fe going south that would have a buffer zone from the street to make it safer.


  • Aaron, this was Jason Himick’s response on May 12, 2016. As an aside, I believe that Jason is the head of this project now:

    Hi Brandy,

    The path is technically still under construction so the trail surface will be improved from what you see out there currently. The trail was originally designed to be an entirely natural surface trail, which means the organic material on the surface is removed and the mineral soil below is the finished surface of the trail tread. Where the trail is located in irrigated blue grass areas we realized there may be a problem with the trail surface becoming muddy from the irrigation. So, in the blue grass areas we decided to surface the trail with a sand gravel mixture. A lot of the gravel material still needs to be properly compacted. All of the trail outside of the blue grass areas will remain natural surface.

    The width of the trail will vary from approximately 3’-4’ wide. The trail will not be made any wider than what you see out there currently. When the trail was being constructed, the trail builder ran in to many pockets of debris from dumping that occurred on the site decades ago. This debris has to be treated as suspected of containing asbestos which means it has to be cleaned up as if it does contain asbestos. This process is labor intensive and very expensive. As a cost savings measure we chose to narrow the width of the trail to avoid further excavation that may uncover more debris. Although walking or running side by side is an enjoyable way to use a trail we just can’t accommodate that on this trail.

    We anticipate the loop trail will be completed by the second week in June. As part of the finish work, any remaining sod will be removed from the tread surface, any weeds sprouting up will be sprayed, gravel areas will be compacted, and the tread surface will be smoothed out with a slight pitch to drain water.

    As far as the homeless folks are concerned, I will reach out to our ranger staff and the Denver Police to be sure they are aware of the situation. For the thistle, I’ll reach out to our natural areas team to be sure Ruby Hill is on the weed mitigation list. And lastly (be most certainly not least!) I will reach out to our volunteer coordinator to see how we can keep you and the volunteers engaged at Ruby Hill. You are our most valuable asset, the parks simply can’t stay in great shape without you!


  • Hello there, Aaron! It sounds like you and I both want very similar things for our gorgeous park. 🙂 I wrote this email to Jason Himick on May 11, 2016:

    Hi Jason,

    As you know, so many of us at Ruby Hill have been looking forward to a walking/running path that outlines the perimeter of the park. We are excited to see forward movement this spring and are anxiously anticipating the path to be completed.

    I have walked the path many times, but have hesitated to run on it, because the gravel is still a bit loose and uneven in some areas. I have noticed many bikes on the path and the cyclists really seem to be enjoying it.

    A couple questions I have are:

    The path, at this stage, is more like a mountain trail than a walking/running path. I see that additional sod has been removed along the portion of the path that exists closest to the houses on Quivas. Will more work be done to level the path or to widen it? As it is, you cannot walk two people side-by-side and its unevenness is not conducive to walking or running.

    The portion of the path east of the baseball fields is gravel-less and the sod is not cut out very well. Will your team be attending to this length of the path within the next month or so?

    The portion of the path that runs through the north side of the park, winding through gorgeous trees, is really allowing park goers to experience a part of Ruby Hill Park that is not usually very accessible. I love it. I have three concerns about that length of path. 1) a bunch of Canadian Thistle is growing throughout that area and should probably be sprayed is considered a noxious weed. 2) there are quite a few folks sleeping under trees in this part of the park, leaving their cardboard mats behind. 3) this portion of the path is also gravel-less.

    Thank you so much for listening, Jason. I would love to hear back from you . Let me know if it would be easier to meet up to discuss these issues or if a phone call would work, as well. I’m fine with all of the above. 🙂

    Also, please let us Ruby Hill’ers know how we can help. We love our park and do our best to clean up the seemingly endless amount of trash and other little duties. I am the garden leader at the Ruby Hill Community Garden and we love being good stewards of our park, as well. We would love to pitch in.

    Thank you for your time,

    Brandy Moe

  • Hi Brandy, below is a comment I sent to Jolon Clark and Ken Sondgerath about the Ruby Hill Loop Trail.

    Thanks, Aaron Hollst

    Ken and Jolon,

    I live about a block away from Ruby Hill Park. I run on the loop trail (the part that is currently open) in the mornings and my kids swim in the pool and play in the park regularly. I love the park. My family and I are very much looking forward to the Leavitt Pavilion opening next year. Your teams have done a great job!

    Question about the loop trail: Can you make it wider? I attended some of the planning meetings for the park 2 years ago and it was explained to me that the trail would be like the Wash Park and Cheeseman Park loop trails, which are very pedestrian friendly and wide enough for runners and families to use and walk side by side. It kind of seems like you made this loop trail to cater to mountain bikers and trail runners, when in reality what Ruby Hill park needs is one big wide trail to accommodate everyone. The mountain bikers have the mountain park they can use. People out for a walk want a nice, wide gravel path they can traverse (and not have to walk single file). These types of paths drive huge amounts of traffic, year round.

    If widening the entire trail is not an option here is a suggestion: Widen the newly created eastern and western portions only and get rid of the dog-legs. Those stretches are flatter and widening would not take much effort. That way a group of walkers could traverse along the already -wide Florida and Jewell sidewalks (as they traverse east and west), and then hop on the newly widened portions to travel North and South (from Florida to Jewell and/or Jewell to Florida on both sides of the park).

    Thanks for listening!
    Aaron Hollst
    South Navajo Street, Denver

  • thats awesome, i went by for a sneak peak the other day and it looks amazing!
    Cant wait to bring my mountainboard here next weekend!!!

  • I was gonna ask, how will we know if it does open a week sooner for riding???

  • Is park open for riding? I find grand opening date; but cannot determine if already open for soft opening. Me and my boys in town and hoping to come out to this new mtb park. We are in town july 11 – 15

  • WOOOOOOHOOOOOOOO!!!!!! So pumped!!!!!!!!! Thanks Erica!!!!!!!!
    & city of Denver and alpine bike parks and everybody else who was a part of this thing coming together! Hopefully this will be the start of new things to come nationwide!!!!

  • WOOOOOOHOOOOOOOO!!!!!! So pumped!!!!!!!!! Thanks Erica!!!!!!!!

  • Not sure if I’ve said this or told anybody, IM SO FRIGGIN PUMPED!!!!!!!!!

  • UPDATES?!?!? I’m so excited! After watching https://adventure-journal.com/2016/03/my-job-bike-park-builder-nick-soloninka/, I had to check it out. It is so awesome and looks amazing. Can’t wait to ride it and take my kids there!!!! Eff yeah!!!

  • How much is a membership for swimming for 52 and older for my Fiance and I am disabled due to a major spine injury. How much would a Membership be for each of us?

  • I need a 1 bedroom unit. I’m having a difficult time trying to obtain a phone number>

  • Are mountain boards allowed to ride here?

  • Aurora CARRASCO

    I have moved into the Rubyhill residents and I love it. Ever since I moved to Denver had been wanting an apartment with my own balcony and nice and friendly neighborhood and I got it. The manager here is very nice and polite plus the other young lady she is very nice too. I am a senior, retired and disable and I think this is a great place to live.

  • The Ruby Hill Community Garden has a few more plots available for the 2016 growing season!

    • Are the garden plots raised beds or in ground? I’m interested in joining the garden and having a plot (or two depending on size, in sharing the plot with one or two others). 🙂

  • How are things progressing? Updated pics?

  • Has the opening day been announced yet? I can not wait to start riding here.

  • When will the Ruby Hill Apts. be ready, how many units are there, one bedroom,
    two bedrooms. Are they one third of your income. What are the amenities with the apt.
    Do you know the phone number for the builder or complex.

  • Thank you so much for providing these notes for those of us unable to attend, but still invested in our neighborhood! 🙂 I live on the 1800 block of Alcott St and would be interests in joining/starting a neighborhood watch group if anyone else is with me?!

  • This process has been the most democratic of any Denver zoning proposals I have heard presented. CPR has presented their proposed PUD before citizens from surrounding Neighborhood organizations and taken input from all. Bravo!

  • Victoria Cornell

    IMHO from what I’ve seen, a pedestrian bikeway walkway across the river and Santa Fe was never going to be included in this development. The city will spend tens of millions onwalkways to RINO, CDOT millions to cross a new I70, but nothing was ever intended to be built to Ruby Hill even when the major recreational bike trail runs beside a river and would connect to the park that the city says will be the jewel of the park system Ruby Hill with a new mountain bike course and a concert venue. So, I plan to be at your meeting for one more public on the record display of displeasure although I know it will make no difference because of what was said in the 1st planning meeting that the city council was going to pass the plan in March whatever it was and clearly to me connectivity to the west was never going to be in the plans, exemplified by comment to the planning committee that others see a blatant disregard to anything going to Ruby Hill.

  • The phone number on the banner they have up on the building is 720-668-8792

  • I find the comment about Rc cars pretty funny, if one gets in my way, I won’t hesitate to roll right over it…….it’s called a bike park for a reason………. Go to where your little cars are meant to be…..in a field

  • Very awesome! But this park need a RC car track, otherwise they will be on the bike jumps.

  • Congrats on the project
    Look forward to visiting it and promoting the bike park

  • Sanderson gulch trail has been a fantastic work commute for the past three years. A recent emergence back into MTB riding has been sticking to the ribs. I’m at a loss of words to describe my anticipation for the opening of this trail.

  • Where can an application for these apartments be obtained, how do we apply? Please advise.

    • As I mentioned, I don’t actually know any more than what the article I cited says, but would suggest starting with the developer, Burgwyn Co, for more information. If you learn something, come back and share what you find out, which may help others.

  • SO SICK!!!! We need more bike parks in the metro area. I’m down in south metro, Littleton/Highlands Ranch area and we have nothing of the sort. Closest is rhyolite park in castle rock and it needs a lot of work and help. Very excited to have another one opening up. HELP TO GET ONE GOING IN DOUGLAS COUNTY! Anybody else who thinks his is a good idea, write a reply and I’ll give contact info.

  • Hi gardeners CONGRATULATIONS for the fun and interesting people that showed up. Lets do it again.

  • Oh man, this is exciting. I am a mountain biker that no longer drives a car. So any place close to home where I can do this is fantastic for me.

  • Hello! I own a home in Ruby Hill, but currently live in a different Denver neighborhood. I am still very connected to the neighborhood and enjoy staying in touch with Ruby Hill happenings. I would like to bring items to sell to the church this Saturday. Would it be okay if I sell items in the garage sale, even though I am not actually living in Ruby Hill right now?

  • Where do I go to apply for an apartment I’m interested to get an apartment for my mom to put her on the waiting list

  • Interested in to getting my mother in here so where do I going to get an application to get her on the waiting list.

    • Erica Augustine

      I’m afraid I don’t know anything more than what I posted in the story. As I said to the other commenter, you could probably contact the developer, Burgwyn Co, for more information.

  • Posted on CivicSatisfaction.org – so please check it over. Also a recent resident, probably see you tonight.

    As always, please mention CivicSatisfaction.org at your events when you raise a small cheer or whatever for all your allies, endorsers and other calendars – you are our word of mouth, network.

    Walt Geisel
    PO Box 9656, Denver 80209
    cell: 303-946-9633

  • Ruby Hill is a beautiful place. We remember when it had tents, sheds, & huts that
    people lived in and when the goats ate the trash. Those days were pretty tough and
    every one struggled to make a living.

    Our home is on Sanderson Gulch just north of Ruby Hill.. We have lived in the area for over 150 yrs. In 1963 the creek flooded and the city gave our parents a choice to either to sell the property our home sat on or it would be condemned. They choose to move our home from South Navajo to South Osage where it is now.
    The City agreed to make a Play ground where the house sat before.

    A play ground was put in and later taken out to build a park and play ground further south, which is very nice. When the City took the play ground out they left the sand. They mow around the outside edge of the property, the weeds as of June 1, 2015 are over 3′ tall. This is against the City Rules. We were told, the City cannot afford to mow. Family’s could still enjoy the property, play soft ball or little kids to run but not in 3′ of weeds. No one is able to enjoy what used to be a play area. However the property is of no use only a disappointment.

    The path we walked from South Osage was sloped, to the Sanderson Gulch Creek. The city dumped cement and rocks down the access making it impossible to walk to the cement path that takes you to the neighborhood park.

    This property is between Lipan & Florida and Lipan & Osage. HELP US….

    • Erica Augustine

      Thank you for your comment and for sharing your very deep history in this neighborhood! It’s always fascinating to hear about and what Ruby Hill used to be like back then, and I’m proud and honored that people like you guys, who remember what it used to be, are still part of the neighborhood.

      It sounds like you are asking for help in getting the city to mow along Sanderson Gulch? That’s something I can bring up with the neighborhood association through our Facebook page–would you mind if I shared your story there?

  • Erica Augustine

    All I know is what was in the BusinessDen article linked above. They state the developer is Burgwyn Co.

  • Ok thanks 🙂 who is that lol is there a number I’ve been looking

  • Erica Augustine

    I imagine you’d have to contact the developer to learn more.

  • Interested In how to apply for a apartment

    • Anita Jean Duran

      Yes I have been trying to apply for your rubyhill housing since August 2015 please let me know how or where I can apply for the rubyhill the phone number I have been calling is 720-668-8792 and going to the site on Mississippi and Pecos

      • Anita, I have responded to you through email, but in case you did not get the email: I’m sorry I can’t help you with a housing application—our Ruby Hill-Godsman Neighborhood Association has no affiliation with the Ruby Hill apartment complex.

  • Good point! I had that info on the event page, but forgot it here. Thanks!

  • It would help to know when and where.