Ruby Hill Community Garden

"Plots Available" sign at Ruby Hill Community Garden

About the Garden

Ruby Hill Park Community Garden has created a fellowship between gardeners old and new, allowing for seasoned gardeners to share their knowledge to help novice gardeners make the most of every season. In fact, every other Thursday, an experienced gardener makes herself available to answer any question a fellow gardener may have. There is always a lot of learning going on at Ruby Hill Park Community Garden!

The garden itself is in the shape of a circle, to match the sundial motif throughout the rest of the park. The garden is located at the corner of Mexico Ave and Pecos St, near the playground in Ruby Hill Park, shown in the map below:


To get started with your own plot, call 303-292-9900 or email rubyhillgarden@gmail.comVisit the Garden’s page on Facebook. Check out our flyer in English and Spanish, and our Ruby Hill Community Garden Guide, which will answer all your questions about the garden.


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