Ruby Hill Mountain Bike Park

A biker enjoying the ramps at the Ruby Hill Mountain Bike Park

In the summer of 2016, Ruby Hill Park became host to a world-class mountain bike park where riders of all skill levels can come and practice biking skills. The Ruby Hill Mountain Bike Park is designed with a series of trails and features of varying size and difficulty that allow novice to experienced riders to develop skills and confidence as they progress through the unique challenges of each of the trails and features. The following features are incorporated into the bike park:

  • Small and Large Pump Track: Designed to teach riders how to use their momentum and body movement to ride the track without pedaling
  • Skills Course: Designed to teach basic bike handling skills and balance that would be used on a trail ride or on more advanced features found in the park; including rock causeways, ladder bridges, and banked turns
  • Dirt Jumps: Allow users to practice jumping skills starting with novice jumps and progressing up to advanced jumps
  • Slope Style Course: Consists of novice to expert lines (including a special ‘professional’ line) featuring a series of fabricated ramps and wall rides, berms, rollers, table top jumps, and a return trail with observation areas throughout the park.


  • We just purchased a mini electric dirt bike for my son. (For ages 5-8) It goes a max of 9mph. Would he be allowed to use this here or is it strictly pedal bikes?

  • Is the bike park lit at night? Says the park is open until 11pm.

  • Rebecca Culbertson

    Does anybody know happened to the delightful bench swing at the top of the bike jumps?

  • Wannabe senior citizen biker

    How do the senior retirees start this process of riding bikes on the site? Can we rent all the requisite equipment?+

    • I don’t think the bike park itself has equipment rentals. I imagine there are some bike equipment rental businesses around town. Sorry for my lack of knowledge—this website belongs to the neighborhood association and we don’t run the bike park.

    • no rentals available. this park is for people to use with their own equipment, and at own risk. on the flip side, it’s free.

  • Jasper, did you ever find somewhere to rent a dirt jumper for the day? I’ve been looking all over but can’t find anywhere.

  • This place looks awesome , I’m here from South Africa and looking to ride but cannot find anywhere that rents ‘dirt jump bikes’ (hard tail front suspension) can anyone help ?

    • Hi Jasper, welcome to Denver! I’m excited we have the Ruby Hill bike park in our neighborhood too, even though I don’t ride myself. I’m not sure where you can rent a dirt jump bike, but a good resource might be Denver Parks and Recreation, who owns and operates the bike park and have folks who are much more knowledgeable about bikes.

  • I would just love to know the exact addres or atleast close to something i can search up on google maps

  • thats awesome, i went by for a sneak peak the other day and it looks amazing!
    Cant wait to bring my mountainboard here next weekend!!!

  • I was gonna ask, how will we know if it does open a week sooner for riding???

  • Is park open for riding? I find grand opening date; but cannot determine if already open for soft opening. Me and my boys in town and hoping to come out to this new mtb park. We are in town july 11 – 15

  • WOOOOOOHOOOOOOOO!!!!!! So pumped!!!!!!!!! Thanks Erica!!!!!!!!
    & city of Denver and alpine bike parks and everybody else who was a part of this thing coming together! Hopefully this will be the start of new things to come nationwide!!!!

  • WOOOOOOHOOOOOOOO!!!!!! So pumped!!!!!!!!! Thanks Erica!!!!!!!!

  • Not sure if I’ve said this or told anybody, IM SO FRIGGIN PUMPED!!!!!!!!!

  • UPDATES?!?!? I’m so excited! After watching, I had to check it out. It is so awesome and looks amazing. Can’t wait to ride it and take my kids there!!!! Eff yeah!!!

  • Are mountain boards allowed to ride here?

  • How are things progressing? Updated pics?

  • Has the opening day been announced yet? I can not wait to start riding here.

  • I find the comment about Rc cars pretty funny, if one gets in my way, I won’t hesitate to roll right over it…….it’s called a bike park for a reason………. Go to where your little cars are meant to be… a field

  • Very awesome! But this park need a RC car track, otherwise they will be on the bike jumps.

  • Congrats on the project
    Look forward to visiting it and promoting the bike park

  • Sanderson gulch trail has been a fantastic work commute for the past three years. A recent emergence back into MTB riding has been sticking to the ribs. I’m at a loss of words to describe my anticipation for the opening of this trail.

  • SO SICK!!!! We need more bike parks in the metro area. I’m down in south metro, Littleton/Highlands Ranch area and we have nothing of the sort. Closest is rhyolite park in castle rock and it needs a lot of work and help. Very excited to have another one opening up. HELP TO GET ONE GOING IN DOUGLAS COUNTY! Anybody else who thinks his is a good idea, write a reply and I’ll give contact info.

  • Oh man, this is exciting. I am a mountain biker that no longer drives a car. So any place close to home where I can do this is fantastic for me.

  • Ruby Hill is a beautiful place. We remember when it had tents, sheds, & huts that
    people lived in and when the goats ate the trash. Those days were pretty tough and
    every one struggled to make a living.

    Our home is on Sanderson Gulch just north of Ruby Hill.. We have lived in the area for over 150 yrs. In 1963 the creek flooded and the city gave our parents a choice to either to sell the property our home sat on or it would be condemned. They choose to move our home from South Navajo to South Osage where it is now.
    The City agreed to make a Play ground where the house sat before.

    A play ground was put in and later taken out to build a park and play ground further south, which is very nice. When the City took the play ground out they left the sand. They mow around the outside edge of the property, the weeds as of June 1, 2015 are over 3′ tall. This is against the City Rules. We were told, the City cannot afford to mow. Family’s could still enjoy the property, play soft ball or little kids to run but not in 3′ of weeds. No one is able to enjoy what used to be a play area. However the property is of no use only a disappointment.

    The path we walked from South Osage was sloped, to the Sanderson Gulch Creek. The city dumped cement and rocks down the access making it impossible to walk to the cement path that takes you to the neighborhood park.

    This property is between Lipan & Florida and Lipan & Osage. HELP US….

    • Erica Augustine

      Thank you for your comment and for sharing your very deep history in this neighborhood! It’s always fascinating to hear about and what Ruby Hill used to be like back then, and I’m proud and honored that people like you guys, who remember what it used to be, are still part of the neighborhood.

      It sounds like you are asking for help in getting the city to mow along Sanderson Gulch? That’s something I can bring up with the neighborhood association through our Facebook page–would you mind if I shared your story there?

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