Ruby Hill Park Pool

Image of water in a swimming pool. Ruby Hill Park Pool.

Located in the jewel of our neighborhood, Ruby Hill Park, the Ruby Hill Park Pool is an outdoor pool generally open in the summer months between Memorial Day and Labor Day. Open Swim is from 11am to 5pm daily, and there are classes offered for all ages, including Aqua Fitness and Learn to Swim. It’s run by Denver Parks and Recreation, who publish a schedule each year. Visit the Parks and Recreation Swimming Pools page for more information.

The 2018 season is from June 4 – August 12, and the Parks and Rec program contains information on admission fees, hours, and classes.


  • Will Ruby Hill outdoor pool be open 2021?

  • Is there a toddler pool or section currently? My 2.5 yr granddaughter visiting here. Thank you in advance for answering.

  • Michael dematteo

    Why do you and the city. Continue to destroy. Our beautiful views.for probhit.for .what was a nice over look.sledding.i was a beautifull place.they destroyed it.i cryed when i saw it like it is.what a disrespect.for the communnity.and the public…..the park looks like shit.and”does nothing for our communiy…saddest thing ive ever seen.FYI making a new park diddnt mean destroy the the the park we all loved.SAD sad.dont know who u people are.but you have destroyed families .and the community.6

    • Hi Michael. This website is the home of the Ruby Hill-Godsman Neighborhood Association. We’re a group of people from the community who meet and discuss issues and reach out to city leadership to help make our community better.

      I, for example, have lived on the street right next to Ruby Hill Park for the past 8 years, and the park has improved greatly since I first moved here. Many of our neighbors who are part of the association have lived in Ruby Hill / Godsman for over 30 years!

      I encourage you to attend our neighborhood meetings and meet some of the folks who are involved and have worked hard to bring more attention and city resources to our neighborhood. It’s a great place to share your concerns and be heard—we regularly have the District 4 police chief, our city councilman, and representatives from other city services and departments attend our meetings to share what’s going on and hear our concerns.

  • How much is a membership for swimming for 52 and older for my Fiance and I am disabled due to a major spine injury. How much would a Membership be for each of us?

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