Sanderson Gulch Stormwater Improvements

A conceptual drawing of the Sanderson Gulch Stormwater Improvements, showing where the gulch joins the South Platte River.

The Sanderson Gulch Stormwater Improvements is a Denver Public Works project in Ruby Hill. From their project information:

The Sanderson Gulch construction project between S. Lipan Street and S. Platte River Drive will reduce flood risk to nearby properties, improve water quality flowing into the South Platte River and create a more pleasant public area for the community to enjoy. The project involves installing larger storm drainage pipes to provide greater protection during bigger storm events, and a naturalized channel to manage and clean water during smaller storm events. The project will take approximately 12 months to complete.

S. Lipan Street between S. Platte River Drive and W. Arkansas Avenue will be closed during most of the project.


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