1805 S Federal Blvd / 2019-ZONE-0000337 / Request for an OverHeight Fence

RE:Request for a Zoning Permit with Informational Notice (ZPIN) for a section of fence that exceeds the maximum height allowed by right in the Denver Zoning Code (DZC).
1805 S Federal Blvd
City Council Districts:Deborah Ortega – At Large 1
Robin Kniech – At Large 2

Kevin Flynn – Council District 2

Jolon Clark – Council District 7
Registered Neighborhood Organizations:Inter-Neighborhood Cooperation (INC)
Southwest Denver Unidos
South Mar Lee / Brentwood / Sharon Park Neighbors

Ruby Hill Neighbors

We received an application for a fence permit that includes sections that exceeds the 4 foot height limit allowed in the front yard. Specifically, the request is to add up to 100 linear feet of fence that is 6’ tall. Please review the details of the proposal (attached) and send any questions, comments or objections to Zoning.Review by July 17,2019.

I’ve included the pertinent sections of the Denver Zoning Code here for your reference.

Section Fences General Standards

All fences and walls shall comply with the following:

  1. Corner Sight Triangle

A shorter height may be required to assure corner sight triangles at intersecting streets and alleys (see Section, Corner Sight Triangles).

  1. Exception to Maximum Height

The Zoning Administrator may grant a permit for fences and walls that exceed the maximum height in Section upon application in specific cases, according to Section 12.4.2 Zoning Permit Review with Informational Notice and subject to compliance with the following standards:

1. The proposed fence or wall shall not adversely affect traffic safety or appropriate use of adjacent property.

2. Any 4-feet linear section of an over-height fence or wall in the Primary Street setback shall be less than 50 percent solid over its entire area.

3. The fence or wall is necessary to provide security, privacy, or protection from traffic impacts such as noise or lights.

4. The fence shall not detract from the safety or pedestrian character of the right-of-way.

5. The fence shall not be located in any Primary Street setback area adjacent to a designated Parkway.

Section Maximum Height

The maximum height when forward of any street facing Primary Structure Facade shall be 4 feet and when located at or behind any street facing Primary Structure Facade shall be 6 feet.

1805 S Federal Blvd OverHeight Fence Proposal.pdf

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