2015 Neighborhood Picnic a Success!

A child swings at a piñata at the annual neighborhood picnic.

Thanks to all who joined us for the 2015 Ruby Hill-Godsman-Overland Park Neighborhood Picnic! We had so much fun meeting new neighbors and learning about things happening in our community.

Representatives from both Ruby Hill-Godsman and from Overland Park‘s neighborhood associations were present and shared information about a variety of neighborhood projects and initiatives including: Bee Safe Neighborhoods, the Evans bridge mural project, the Ruby Hill Urban Farmers group and the Ruby Hill Community Garden, and the RISO (River South) initiative. Also present were council aide Anita Bañuelos from our new Councilman Jolon Clark’s office and representatives from Garden Park Church and Schmitt Elementary School. Turnout was great, with neighbors from Ruby Hill-Godsman, Athmar, and Overland Park. We even had a visitor from as far away as Brooklyn, NY!

People brought tons of delicious food to share—highlights included a variety of salads, many using vegetables people had grown in their yards; some wicked chocolate chip habañero cookies; an amazing crockpot of homemade chili, and much more. What were your favorites?

And there was music and games! Our amazing volunteers created and set up a scavenger hunt for the kids as well as “Meet Your Neighbor” bingo for the adults. The winner, Marie from Ruby Hill, was awarded a homemade blueberry pie! Neighbors played cornhole and some weird game with a ball and a mini trampoline…and the kids demolished a piñata and collected the sweet candy insides.

After dusk, neighbors stayed around to chat and help clean up, making use of the compost, recycling, and trash bins brought in by volunteers. The Ruby Hill Park large pavilion was a great location for our second annual picnic, and once again made our Denver Days celebration convenient and fun. Hope to see you all next year!

For more information about any of the projects, neighborhood associations, or initiatives mentioned, please contact us and we’ll get you in touch with the right people.

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