February 2019 Meeting Minutes

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Board Reports and Introductions

Invited Speakers

Denver Police District 4

A Street Supervisor substituting for our Community Resource Officer (CRO) provided the crime stats for January. Property crimes were down significantly from last January, while aggravated assaults are up. Neighbors asked about shots fired incidents; the officer mentioned potential solutions such as ShotSpotter and High Activity Location Observation (HALO) cameras being located in those areas and would have our CRO follow up.

City Council District 7

Anita Bañuelos provided updates from Councilman Clark’s office. See more details at the Lucky District 7 website.

  • Loretto Heights Steering Committee meeting open to the public on February 26th, 6-8 pm at Loretto Heights Library to discuss what the neighbors want to see happening with the property
  • There will be two stream management public meetings on urban drainage flooding and control on February 20th, 5-7 pm at Barnum Park Rec Center and February 27th at Harvey Park 5-7 pm. This meeting is to talk about citywide stream management strategies with partnership of Urban Drainage Flood Control District
  • Happy Hour with Councilman Clark on February 21st, 6-8 pm at Historians Ale House (24 Broadway)
  • Grandoozy Community Meeting on February 28th, 5:30-7 pm
    • Neighbors spoke up with general confusion and questions about what’s happening with the money that is supposed to go to local non-profits.

Denver Animal Protection / Denver Animal Shelter

Julian Wolff, Community Outreach Coordinator with Denver Animal Protection / Denver Animal Shelter which is a division of Department of Public Health and the Environment spoke about resources and programs for our neighborhood.

  • Denver Animal Shelter accepts any kind of animal regardless of behavior or medical condition. Feel free also to bring loose animals into the shelter if they’re nice; this helps them save their limited resources.
  • Spring will be here soon, which means skunks will be around. Make sure to get dogs vaccinated against rabies. The department offers low-cost vaccinations.
  • Over 60 rabies positive skunks were identified in Denver last year. If you see a skunk in the middle of the day—a “drunk skunk”—call 311 and report.
  • For zip codes 80219 and 80204 Denver Animal Shelter, through a partnership with the Humane Society offers free spay and neuter surgery, free microchip, vaccinations, and a Denver license through the Pets for Life program.
  • Denver Animal Shelter also offers low cost spay and neuter to all pet owners.
  • A neighbor asked about non-lethal trapping of skunks and the Denver municipal code banning transport of wild animals.
  • A neighbor asked about beavers, which fall under the jurisdiction of the state, and Colorado Parks and Wildlife.

Mile High Sober Living

Brice Hancock spoke about the mission of Mile High Sober Living. They operate sober houses in Denver, one of which is in the nearby College View neighborhood, near Federal and Dartmouth and has been there for 2 years.

  • Sober houses have 7-10 residents and provide a continuum of care
  • 90% of people who go to a 30 day rehab program relapse, while 70% of those who leave a Mile High Sober Living house stay sober.
  • Mile High Sober Living markets to treatment centers who release people who then live with them. Each sober house has a live-in house manager who has been sober at least a year and is recovery coach trained. Residents are tested 2x a week, and no courte-ordered people or violent felons are admitted. Residents are required to attend a 12 step program, participate in sports, group activities and have access to a spiritual coach and other resources, plus they get recovery coaching when they leave after 2-3 months.
  • Neighborhoods can support them with awareness and alertness—they strive to be “the most boring house on the block” and if this is not the case, we should let them know. Ruby Hill Community Garden also volunteered to work with them to offer gardening opportunities to residents.

Loretto Heights Update

Cathy could not attend so Jacqui gave a brief update on Loretto Heights in her place. The big news is that a lot of the infrastructure and property will be maintained. There will be some renovation of the older buildings and the developers are committed to keeping a lot of the property intact, incorporating greenspace and making room for a mixture of low-income and standard housing. So far, they seem to be listening to the oversight committee, the community, and feedback from the surveys.


5 speakers, <5 minutes each

Meeting Adjourned

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