Ruby Hill Neighbors Registered Neighborhood Organization has been meeting for many years. We’ve been excited to welcome new neighbors to the area and would love for you to get involved. We meet on the third Tuesday of every month (September to May) at 6:15 pm sharp at the Garden Park Church Gym, 1755 South Zuni Street. Just show up to start participating. Contact us for more information on the neighborhood association or with questions about the website.

In 2014, the Ruby Hill Neighborhood Association combined with the Godsman Park Association to form a power-group with one voice. Together, we host an annual Denver Days summer picnic, hold neighborhood garage sales, and put on public forums to educate neighbors about candidates for the City Council and other government offices. We’ve helped educate and give a voice to our neighbors by hosting speakers from Denver Parks and Recreation, Denver Police District 4, our District 7 City Council person, and local businesses.

We’ve also created awareness about upcoming events, resources, and improvement projects happening in our neighborhood. And our presidents have made connections and joined forces with other neighboring communities and associations—Athmar Park, Overland Park, Westwood, and Mar Lee—so that we can unite on issues that affect all of Southwest Denver. We have active members who attend meetings of the Inter-Neighborhood Council and the District Police Commander, and who notify each other of goings-on through our Facebook group.

In 2018, we changed our name from Ruby Hill-Godsman Neighborhood Association to Ruby Hill Neighbors in order to be more inclusive of surrounding neighbors and businesses who wished to participate. We also formalized our by-laws and voted in a new Board.

Many of our neighbors are passionate about gardening and keeping bees or chickens, which spawned an offshoot group—the Ruby Hill Urban Farmers. This group promotes our local community garden at Ruby Hill Park, and sponsor an annual fun neighborhood urban farm and garden tour.

What issues are important to you in our neighborhood and in Southwest Denver? Get involved and find neighbors who are just as passionate as you about Ruby Hill!

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  • Hello, my name is Tom Weed I have recently moved to Denver from summit county. I used to be a ski coach at Woodward copper and have been skiing since I was two years old. I am a very passionate skier and love what you guys are doing for the city. I would love to volunteer and help keep Ruby Hill in great shape while it is open this winter.
    Please let me know how to get in contact with someone. I am a hard worker and have worked in terrain parks before.
    Email : weedmx606@gmail.com
    Cell: 585-208-2342

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