Ruby Hill-Godsman February 2015 Meeting Notes

Photo of the Ruby Hill Park sign

Present Officers: Sharona Thompson, Ruby Hill President; Scott Bolt, Godsman President Members: List to be added Also Present: City Council candidates Jolon Clark, Mickki Langston, Ian Harwick, and Luchia Brown. City Auditor Dennis Gallagher and City Auditor candidate Timothy O’Brien. Discussed Introductions and check-in question (favorite vegetable) Scott announced the Ruby Hill-Godsman Neighborhood Association would host a District 7 City […]

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Ruby Hill-Godsman January 2015 Meeting Notes

Photo of a Ruby Hill-Godsman Neighborhood Association meeting

This is an incomplete list of things discussed at the January 20, 2015 neighborhood association meeting (basically, from memory!). In future, meeting minutes or notes will be taken during the meeting and posted here. Lt. Martinez from District 4 spoke to us about various issues, including the upcoming Snowmageddon event. Sharona volunteered to contact Parks & Recreation about the event to find out […]

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District 4 Commander’s Meeting Notes

Photo of the entrance to the District 4 Police station

Commander’s Meeting Notes – July 24, 2013 Commander Bill Nagle introduced himself and told the attendees that he spent 9 1/2 years as a Lieutenant in Police District 1 and headed vice/narcotics for a time. Nagle said he believes in community policing. He relayed that he recently visited Chicago PD and asked one of the Officers to take him to the worst […]

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