Commanders’ Meeting 3/11/15

A Denver Police badge

A possibly volatile incident occurred in the police station lobby on February 23rd. A weapon-bearing person entered the precinct lobby but was soon disarmed. He appeared confused and was taken into custody. The commanders hoped that he would be able to secure mental health assistance.

Cinco de Mayo police coverage on Federal Boulevard will be “beefed up” this year. There will be traffic diversions in an effort to reduce predicted logjam of automobiles. Officers strongly suggest staying away from Federal and Alameda Avenue areas altogether for the entire weekend.

There have been several hit-and-run accidents on both Federal and Alameda with the last one resulting in a pedestrian fatality. The police encourage all to take extra precautions when navigating the streets on foot.

During the fourth quarter all police officers will be outfitted with wearable cameras.

The Citizens’ Academy is seeking volunteers to work with the police department. To get more information contact the local precinct office.

The next Commanders’ Meeting will be held April 8, at 6pm.

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