CPR Sub-Committee Open Meeting Notes

Neighbors discuss the proposed PUD zoning for CPR's land near Ruby Hill Park. Photo credit Ray Ehrenstein.

Have you been to a Ruby Hill-Godsman Neighborhood Association meeting and heard about our sub-committee’s work with Colorado Public Radio? Curious about the ideas swirling around for the land they own off Jewell near Ruby Hill Park? Well, here is a little background: The sub-committee is made up of Ruby Hill-Godsman and Overland Park neighbors and has been working with CPR since last year to provide input on zoning and other ideas for their use of the land as a potential headquarters location. For more details on what has been presented to the rest of the neighborhood up until now, please refer to the September 2015 Meeting Notes and the January 2016 Meeting Notes.

The open meeting held on March 3 is the culmination of that initial work, in which the sub-committee reviewed the draft zoning document that CPR will submit to the City and presented a letter of support signed by the presidents of the neighborhood associations.

Thank you to Jenny Gentry from Colorado Public Radio (CPR) for providing notes from this meeting.


Facilitator: Steve Charbonneau

Colorado Public Radio (CPR): Jenny Gentry, Senior Vice President of Finance & Administration at Colorado Public Radio (CPR); Lauren Cameron, Public Relations Manager at CPR; Jim Bershof, Principal at Oz Architecture; Bruce O’Donnell, President at Starboard Realty Group

Denver Community Planning and Development: Curt Upton

Neighbors: Sharona, Mara, Scott Bolt, Ray, Jim, Helene

Jolon Clark’s Office: Maggie Thompson


Steve began the meeting at 6:05. He said the minimal attendance is a good sign that neighbors are comfortable with the project, and where we are.

The group will review the draft PUD, and CPR will then submit this document with the rezoning application, in the next few weeks. Curt noted that once it starts through the city’s review process, there will be edits but those should not change the spirit of the document and will only be made to clarify or make consistent with zoning regulations. This group will be kept informed through the process. The neighbors all agreed they can support the rezoning at city council hearings for approval.

Curt reviewed the document:

  1. The design standards for the physical descriptions and parameters will be based on the E-MX designation in the Denver Zoning Code. The PUD notes exceptions and variances to the code, relative to this property.
    1. The ‘build-to’ requirements are waived, meaning that the building will be set back from the street to maintain the park-like feeling and open space.
    2. Normally a property this size would have multiple buildings and the code requires specific pedestrian access in and around the property. While they are waiving some of that, they still need to address pedestrian access that has been discussed.
  2. The uses allowed will be based on the G-RO-3 rules in the Denver Zoning Code, again with exceptions/variances noted in the PUD, all of which were discussed in detail with the full neighbor groups at the last meeting.
    1. The Eating & Drinking Establishment use is to allow for the possibility of a coffee shop or small café on the property (the neighbors enthusiastically support this idea!).
    2. The tower and communications uses are clearly spelled out as an allowed use. He noted that the PUD does not allow for guyed towers, but that refers to any new tower; the current tower is a legal non-conforming use.
  3. The landscaping variance is to allow the undeveloped NW corner of the property to remain as natural grasses.
  4. The last page allows for modification of this PUD, particularly relevant for any future owner. Previous code did not provide a process for amendments to a PUD.

In answer to questions—solar is an allowed use so no specific language in the PUD addresses that. And the possibility of a community sign is not addressed at this point in the process, and would be part of the actual site plan development in the future.

Curt reminded the group that in addition to the rezoning application, CPR will be submitting a request for a variance of the Ruby Hill Park View Plane, in order to build the building and replace the tower as discussed.

The application will take several months to get through review and get scheduled for hearings. Likely timeframe is late summer to Planning Board, and that sets the clock for the remainder of the hearings through City Council.

Curt also committed to be the point of contact for any questions. He said if neighbors hear any concerns, please contact him, and feel free to provide his contact info to anyone who has questions or concerns about the property.

This is Steve’s last meeting unless we hit any bumps in the process, and Bruce will now coordinate future correspondence, and any meetings with the group through the review process.

Sharona, Mara, and Scott signed the CPR Neighborhoods Letter of Support that will be attached to the rezoning application.

Meeting adjourned about 7:20 p.m.

One comment

  • This process has been the most democratic of any Denver zoning proposals I have heard presented. CPR has presented their proposed PUD before citizens from surrounding Neighborhood organizations and taken input from all. Bravo!

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