Denver Public Works Project – Sanitary Liners

Public Works will be performing sanitary liner work in Ruby Hill at the following areas over the next two weeks:

  • S Dale Ct. from Florida to Louisiana
  • S Clay St. from Florida to Louisiana
  • S Canosa Ct. from Florida to Louisiana
  • S Carlan Ct. from Florida South to the Cul-De-Sac
  • W Florida Ave from Clay to Bryant

In the end it is a great benefit to have this sanitary liner work done—it is done through get manholes, takes 1 day and adds 50+ years of life to the sanitary main line. However, it does mean that a resident/business cannot use their sanitary system for that day (sinks, toilets, showers, laundry, etc).

The crews will put a door hanger out a day or two in advance to let people know not to use their sanitary system, and when the work is done for the day and the system is all back up, they will put out orange door hangers to tell people that their lines are working again. The work is done through the manhole system, and the door hanger will indicate if they are working in a street or alley. If they are in the alley, cars cannot drive up and down the alley during the actual work—but it looks like they will be in streets in Ruby Hill. If they are in the streets, cars cannot park right next to or over a manhole. There is a bit of a “chemical” smell that can come through during the process, this can be alleviated by pour a cup of water into the p-traps of the lowest drain in the house (usually the basement floor drain).

Please go to the website for more information or contact the bilingual hotline 720 460-9055 for questions.

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