District 4 Commander’s Meeting, 11/11/15

Photo of the entrance to the District 4 Police station

Lt. Martinez followed up on the following items that were brought up at the last Commander’s meeting:

  • There was a fire at Mullen. Three elderly people were taken in for smoke inhalation.
  • To reduce speeding on Perry from 1st to 4th, the police deployed “ramps”.
  • The Neighborhood Enforcement Team will monitor motorcycle racing on Federal and Louisiana on Friday and Saturday nights.
  • Lt. Martinez has been patrolling the Loretto Heights parking lot, but hasn’t seen any drug dealing. He will continue monitoring between 9 am-noon.
  • CRO Blakesley contacted the manager at the apartments at Mexico and Hazel about loitering. She was cooperative and said she will call if she sees any activity. An Officer got in a foot chase with a person, but he got away. DPD will continue to monitor.

Martinez reported the following new information:

  • On Nov 9th, a carjacking occurred and the driver was kidnapped. The jackers ended up letting the driver go. On Nov 10th, DPD Officers spotted the car and a chase ensued, starting in the 3100 block of W. Center. In the 500 block of S. Perry, the police attempted to PIT the car, but it wasn’t successful and the jacker tried to ram the police car. He was taken into custody. Five police vehicles were “dinged” when the jacker attempted to ram his way free.
  • Officers responded to a burglary in progress call and found the subject found on the roof. He was under the influence of meth and DPD discovered that he was a violent sexual predator out of Aurora. The homeowner declined to press charges and the subject was taken in for trespassing.
  • The speed trailer is having computer problems. It can still be deployed to show speeds, but it can’t collect data on when the speeding is occurring and how many vehicles.
  • The homeowner who killed an intruder in the 3300 block S Winona will not be charged. The intruder kicked in the door and turned out to be very drunk. Officers surmise the intruder mistook the house for his house.

CRO Blakesley responded to complaints of fighting at the old College View Rec Center. He talked w/ kids there and assisted in a “safety awareness” program.

Councilman Flynn reported that a neighbor got her fence graffitied, but that she only called 311 and didn’t report it to DPD. Det George Gray asked that people take pictures and submit an online report before abating. An attendee suggested using the soy cleaner that Denver Partners Against Graffiti provides for free.

Flynn reported on the budget, including a proposed amendment to add 56 recruits to next year’s budget. The Mayor declined the amendment, but said he would put $1.5 million into a contingency and said he wanted a “study group”. Flynn calculated that the $1.5 mil would fund 45 new recruits and he proposed that to the mayor, who hasn’t responded.

An attendee asked about the repeal of several parts of the panhandling ordinance, including the part that prohibited panhandlers from approaching people at ATMs, prohibited panhandlers from following people and repeatedly asking for money, and more. Flynn responded that Denver’s panhandling ordinance and Grand Junction’s ordinance were virtually identical. After the ACLU won its lawsuit in Grand Junction, Denver’s city attorney advised that Denver delete the same parts of the ordinance that were cited in the Grand Junction suit. CRO Blakesley advised people to go to drive-up or to indoor ATMs.

Attendee asked about how to address homeless on bike/ped trails. Lt. Martinez responded that homeless have the right to be on the trails. SCAT teams on bicycles do look for “camps” and illegal activity. Flynn reported that the 300 worst homeless cost Denver $3.5 million, between arrests/jail time/court time/hospital time/etc., so the city decided it would cost less to house them (e.g., in the apartment building proposed for construction on South Federal).

Det. George Gray gave an update on the graffiti cases for “atomic” and “cream”. They have a video capturing the taggers and Gray will bring pics next time.

A Lieutenant spoke about DPD personnel growing mustaches to support autism. He said that there is a GoFundMe page link on the DPD Facebook page. [ed. note: Here is the link to District 4’s fundraiser page—as of this writing, they are in the lead!]

Walt Brewer, from the Bear Valley COP Shop gave stats on the Shop. He also suggested more citizens use COP Shops to report petty crime, rather than call for a police car.

An attendee asked about the restraining order on individuals in problem house and reported the yard is filled with trash that is attracting rodents and there are too many people for the size of the house. Lt. Martinez responded that he will find out about the restraining order and advised the attendee to call 311 about the trash.

An attendee asked how frequently armed robbery occurs in Police District 4 similar to the one that occurred recently at the ATM at Sheridan & Jewell. Martinez responded that there is not a lot of armed robbery in D4 and that most crimes are crimes of opportunity; e.g., people leaving valuables in plain sight in a car and get their car windows smashed and the “loot” taken.

The Manager of the Walgreens at Alameda & Federal reported issues of homeless hanging around at the RTD stop on Alameda. Lt. Martinez suggested contacting the RTD police. Det. Gray suggested that – even if you suspect they are “hanging”, call RTD dispatch at 3/299-2911. The Manager asked about the results of the van surveillance. Martinez responded that they took down known felons.

The next meeting will be a 6 pm meeting in December, but Lt. Martinez wasn’t sure of the date.

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