District 4 Commanders Meeting, 3/9/16

Photo of the entrance to the District 4 Police station

Thank you to Brandy Moe for taking notes at the March 9 District 4 Commanders Meeting.

Neighborhood Concerns:

  • Concerns about speeding and dropping off near Godsman Elementary School, people are not honoring the crosswalk, parking issues.
  • Officer Alba is dedicating his time when he can to patrol the area. Fliers and newsletters have been distributed.
  • Cruising, especially at the Mercado at the 1300 block of Federal. There is now an off-duty officer there. Need “no trespassing signs”.
  • South Yates, marijuana grow. They had over 12 plants. They took the additional plants out. Cited the owner. Electrical violations.
  • Speed trailer is out on Florida currently, near Zuni and on Morrison. Speeding reported by neighbors.
  • Bates and Federal, chili vendors leaving trash and debris. Police went out there and didn’t find anything.
  • Homeless camping at the laundromat, near Ochoa Transmission, and on the north side of the Dollar Store. Police are monitoring.

911 Operator Project Coordinator

  • Advice and information on 911 emergency and non-emergency calls
  • Discussed response times and how they are tracked
  • When you call and they ask if you would like an officer to make contact with you, you can request to have an officer contact the caller by phone.
  • Denver 911 is looking for operators and dispatchers, with positions closing May 31st.
  • Denver 911 doesn’t have enough space to house the amount of dispatchers and operators that they need. They will have twice the space in the future with a new building.
  • Denver does not have the ability to TEXT to 911. Denver will have it by the second quarter of this year. The operators then can respond back, via text. It’s not the same level of accuracy as an actual phone call.


  • Camping is illegal in the city and county of Denver. No camping along the Platte River is allowed.
  • Tuesday, March 15th at 6pm at Hadley Library meeting on the MHCD apartments for the mentally ill homeless on Federal. Asked police to attend meeting due to the developing Good Neighbor Agreement. Neighbors are still not convinced that it’s a good idea.
  • The homeless facility on Alameda and Platte is still in the works, but looking for a developer.
  • There have been multiple hit and runs on Kentucky, near Federal, in the last 6-9 months. Many of these incidents have gone unreported due to lack of citizenship on the block. All incidents occur between Saturday night and very early Monday morning.
  • Debris such as a mattress on Mead and 1st between bushes. Police will check it out. Sometimes District 4 doesn’t receive the 311 reports until a month later—call police non-emergency as well as 311.
  • Streetscape on Morrison Road, urban design of the Morrison Corridor. Redesign the landscape on Morrison Road to improve safety. Looking for neighbors to complete surveys. Safety is most important, improve lighting; taking the survey will help the program to collect information from neighbors. [Ed. Note: if anyone has a link to this survey online, let us know]

The next meeting will be held on April 13 at 6 pm.

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