District 4 Commanders Meeting, 7/8/15

Photo of the entrance to the District 4 Police station

Thank you to Austin Buckingham for taking notes at the July 8 District 4 Commanders Meeting.

  • Recently there were two homicides in District 4:
    • Alameda & Hazel Court – Car Theft
    • Tejon & Asbury – Gang Conflict
  • Violent crime in the District is slowly increasing. The thought is that gentrification of some neighborhoods to the north is pushing crime further south
  • District 4 now has two License Plate Readers. One will be used in a marked car and the other in an unmarked car.
  • Car racing on neighborhood streets: If caught the car can be seized, tickets issued to offender, offender’s license rescinded.
  • The district has received a grant to promote education for Pedestrian Street crossing which has been the source of multiple accidents.
  • One way to stop drag racing is to create/build “bulge-outs”. Bulge-outs are extending the street curb further out into the street to prevent cars from driving side by side in straight-aways. This arrangement has been successfully implemented at Houston Lake Park
  • Four cars are currently in the Platte River and being pushed downstream with high waters. Because the waters are dangerously fast, the choice has been made to wait until waters have receded before attempting to extract the vehicles.
  • City Councilman Lopez’s Office will be moving from its current location in Westwood to downtown Denver. This is part of consolidation to save money for the City and County of Denver.
  • Denver Days will be held the first week of August.
  • The pedestrian bridge that links north and south Barnum Park across 6th Ave will be completed soon and ready to use.
  • Approximately 500 units of mixed-use affordable housing units will be built with City Council District 3 within the next few years. Several existing trailer parks will be removed and replaced with affordable housing.
  • Athmar Park will be having summer movies and food vendors at Houston Lake on the following dates:
    • July 11th
    • August 8th
    • September 4th
  • The Denver Urban Renewal Authority (DURA) will provide 1% loans to low income persons for Sewer Line Replacement. If your income falls below a certain threshold, the loan may be provided for free. DURA was created by the City and County of Denver in 1958 to assist in the redevelopment of blighted properties.
    1555 California St # 200, Denver, CO 80202

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