District 4 Commanders Meeting, 9/14/16

Photo of the entrance to the District 4 Police station

Thank you to Karen for taking the following notes.

Commander Fleecs gave a city-wide overview of crime; up 5.4%. Theft from Motor Vehicle (TMV) accounts for most of the increase. TMV is up 10% in Police District 4 compared to the same time last year. Fleecs noted that his officers are working hard to push this trend downward. Fleecs reported that crime in Barnum/Barnum West is down 4.1%; Athmar/Valverde is down 4.7%; Harvey Park is up 9%; Marston/Green Valley is down 10%.

The Commander reported on incidents specific to D4:

  • The homicide at 151 S Knox was “not random”; i.e., that it appears to be people invading the home looking for something specific. Fleecs noted that they have some persons of interest and are investigating.
  • An officer went to serve warrant in the 2600 block of W. Bates, but the resident ran. The officer gave chase, caught up with the man, and a scuffle ensued. The man tried to take the officer’s gun and was subsequently shot and killed. No officers were hurt.
  • Officers are going to auto body/transmission/gas stations to educate them about Hondas being the #1 stolen vehicle and to report suspect vehicles.
  • 32% of all TMV offenders live in D4.
  • In the seven most recent TMV’s, five involve unlocked cars. Three of those unlocked cars had a gun in plain view.
  • We’re coming up on cold weather, so “puffers” are warned. Last winter, one of three TMV’s were puffers. DPD will start writing citations this winter.

The Commander reported on a follow-up to a complaint about possible drug sales from 2740 S Jay. After investigation by the Narcotics team, a warrant was executed. The team recovered ten pounds of meth (three times what is normally recovered), a lot of cash, and weapons.

Fleecs reported that the increase of street racing/cruising is difficult to police. City Council provided $60K in overtime. Fleecs deployed Officers to do pro-active enforcement on Federal Blvd/parking lots every Sunday evening. There were 90 arrests for revoked licenses, 22 arrests for racing, 1000 moving citations issued, and 34 tows. Fleecs noted that the racers know the police can’t chase, so racers often run. Fleecs is meeting with members of City Council later this week to try to find solutions or strategies.

Fleecs noted that there has been talk about installing medians in the section of Federal between Alameda and Evans to deter both cruising and fatalities due to “jay-walking” in the middle of blocks. Attendees discussed that the medians need to be tall enough to block vision between north- and south-bound lanes (similar to those installed on N Federal) and to discourage crossing the street in mid-block. An attendee reported that the Firefighters at the DFD station at 23rd & Federal (where tall medians have been installed) do not find that those medians impede their ability to respond to fires. An attendee noted that there are Federal Improvement meetings being held now and encouraged people to attend. Fleecs encouraged people to call their Council person with their input. There was some discussion about deploying barricades (unannounced) to stop racers from peeling off into neighborhoods, but the cost and manpower needed would be prohibitive.

CRO Arguello reported that DPD did surveys of business along Federal, from Jewell to 6th, in May about whether cruisers/racers were a problem and whether those cruisers/racers congregating in parking lots were a problem. Arguello reported that 10 businesses said congregating cars were a problem, but majority said liked them congregating because the cruisers/racers buy stuff or have the business do car work. An attendee suggested building a drag strip where it’s allowed. An attendee suggested installing speed bumps on secondary streets (streets that don’t get snow removal). An Attendee noted that the focus of the negative impact of cruising/street racing is focused on the street and on the businesses; not on the residents who bear the brunt of the stress to their quality of life caused by this behavior.

Commander Fleecs reported that the sidewalk in front of the homeless housing being constructed at Sanderson Gulch will be shut down starting in October for six months.

Walt Brewer—Bear Valley COP Shop, reported that the Shop needs volunteers. Brewer reported that the special tool to put on the special tamper-resistant bolts was stolen, so they can’t install the bolts. Fleecs asked that another tool be given to Brewer.

An Attendee reported hearing from Councilman Kevin Flynn at a neighborhood association meeting that the owners of a medicinal marijuana shop in Morrison are asking for transfer of ownership to a building in the Bear Valley Shopping Center.

Attendee asked for help with dealing with the aggressive behavior of drunken “bums” at Harvard Gulch Park. The Attendee reported seeing families leaving the park due to aggressive drunken behavior; vicious language, and threats. The Attendee noted that bums are living in the parking lot behind Auto Zone and that there are bums sleeping in gray van in the park. The Attendee noted that it’s especially difficult after 3pm and asked if the Auto Zone could sign a no trespass. Fleecs noted that they have “homeless outreach” going out and that he will suggest that they go out at 3pm. Fleecs also responded that he will have van investigated.

An Attendee asked for help with large semis coming down residential streets.

An Attendee asked if the cones and light at Amherst & Federal will become permanent. A: Councilman Flynn would know.

The Manager of the Walgreens at Federal & Alameda reported that there is a new Manager at the Walgreens on Federal & Florida who will be brought “up to speed” on what problems might be encountered and how to engage with the community. The Manager also reported that Walgreens is holding flu shot clinics.

The next meeting will be Oct 12th at 6pm.

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