District 4 Commander’s Meeting, 9/9/15

A Denver Police badge
  • Next Commander’s Meeting is October 14, 2015 at 6 pm
  • Generally there is an increase in all crime categories. Significant events include the following:
    1. August 13th kidnap and assault of woman
    2. August 15th homicide of 60 year old man while walking his dog, allegedly the suspect knew the victim
    3. September 4th police car stolen
  • District hopes to locate a ‘Shot-Spotter’ north of Mississippi and Federal.
    1. Shot-Spotter will signal police within 38 seconds of the shot and will locate it within 25 meters.
    2. Shot-Spotter will monitor an area of 3 square miles.
  • Program called ‘Cease Fire’. Police Dept tries to identify those responsible for gang violence and orchestrate an intervention to prevent and mitigate future violence
  • Computer Software called Bear Analytics is used by the Police Dept. to collate and create a national database of crime data and analyze it efficiently. The software also has a public graphic user interface that community may access through the internet. The website is: raidsonline.com. You can look at any address (your own for example) or anywhere in the United States to view the frequency and types of crime. The data is uploaded to the web page after the police report is reviewed and officially approved. The database does not contain sex offenses due to separate laws governing these alleged crimes. This is a really great way to get a sense of what is going on in your neighborhood or if you are moving and want to understand your new neighborhood.
  • Fireworks continue to be problematic is some neighborhoods. Police appreciate specific information and an address in order to help them locate the offenders. There is a petition on Change.org requesting a hotline and enforcement.
  • Ruby Hill Park, which is closed from 11 pm until 5 am, is the location of frequent bad to criminal behavior. The Police have stepped up surveillance and in the last 30 days have made 29 arrests. Three of the responses were due to community-initiated calls. Ruby Hill residents can attain more police attention by calling in observations and suspicions of criminal behavior and by signing a complaint.
  • District 4 has requested budget and additional police persons for this community. Updates to follow as the upcoming fiscal budget are finalized.
  • The following section is a summation of statements made by community persons present at the Commander’s Meeting. I call it ‘Round-the-Room’. If you have issues for which you need to give voice, this is your opportunity to report them directly to the Commander. The Commander does take notes and will follow up with results at the next month’s meeting.
    1. Westwood Morrison Road: drag racing down Tennyson.
    2. Request for more Police presence.
    3. We are what our community is. The community has more impact on our quality of life than the police do. Therefore, it is incumbent upon us to be pro-active, vigilant and responsive.
    4. The Citizen Academy is a public and free service provided by the District. It is for us, the community, in order to gain understanding of the inner working of the police department and their stressors, and includes a ‘ride-along’. The next Citizen Academy openings and dates will be posted on NextDoor.com. It will also be provided in the Commander’s Meeting
      Summary Notes.
    5. Ruby Hill: cars cruising with black tinted windows, which is illegal; the big meeting spot is the pavilion; the groups are threatening and menacing enough to prevent use by other park users, fireworks and noise ordinance violations are a daily occurrence.
    6. Drag racing on South Wolf in vicinity of Force Elementary
    7. When does something become a public nuisance? Consult 311 and common code violations for degraded or trashy properties. If there is a question or concern, contact 311 and describe the problem and location. 311 will then forward your complaint to Neighborhood Inspection Service for a site visit, issue tickets, cease and desist and timeline for resolution, as appropriate.

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