District 4 Commander’s Meeting Notes

Photo of the entrance to the District 4 Police station

Commander’s Meeting Notes – July 24, 2013

Commander Bill Nagle introduced himself and told the attendees that he spent 9 1/2 years as a Lieutenant in Police District 1 and headed vice/narcotics for a time. Nagle said he believes in community policing. He relayed that he recently visited Chicago PD and asked one of the Officers to take him to the worst part of town. Nagle noticed there was very little graffiti and asked why. The Chicago Officer pointed to signs in almost all the windows that read ”we call the police”. The Officer also said that the Police Chief gave out awards to civilians whose calls led to arrests. Nagle also reported that the Police redistricting resulted in the loss of 10 Officers in D4.

Walt Brewer, from the Bear Valley COP Shop, reported that graffiti complaints are down and that his volunteers spend time looking for, and reporting, grafitti. Brewer asked for an Officer to look into a possible gang house in the 3100 block of S Winona Ct. Brewer also got a report of a dead skunk, but was told by Animal Control that there is no dead animal pick-up on weekends.

An attendee asked for an Officer to look into a gang house in the 800 block of S. Peterson Way. The resident told a neighbor that he’s being “forced” to allow gang members (bloods) to use the house.

The Manager of the Walgreens at Alameda & Federal asked for help with panhandlers who shoplift and scare away customers. The District Manager was also in attendance and asked for the same help with the panhandlers at the Walgreen on Florida & Federal. Both stores have “no loitering” signs posted. Lt. Martinez said that he will have Officers make regular stops.

Nathan Batchelder, Aide to Councilman Nevitt reported that Nevitt is still trying to locate a new home for the Broadway COP Shop and gave an update on the construction of the Evans Station Lofts.

A staff member from the Denver Inner City Parish reported that DICP has received an arts grant to paint a mural on the outside of building and that DICP is working with 15 kids from the neighborhood. He advised attendees that partnership@drugfree.org is a great resource (especially for parents) for getting info for a dialogue going regarding how to help with the negative impact of pot shops and grow operations.

An attendee asked a question about grows in residential houses. Commander Nagle said that a person can have 1 oz of product and can grow 6 plants. Nagle said that when he was in vice/narcotics he was seeing product with up to 35% THC (as opposed to 3% in the 60′s).

An attendee from Mar Lee reported that she’s noticed more graffiti and that her garage gets tagged a lot.

An attendee asked for everyone who would like to send “impact statements” to get on her email list and she’ll notify folks when a graffiti vandal is going before a judge for sentenceing. Someone suggested making a video “impact statement”, as well.

Judy Hrdlicka, from the West Denver COP Shop, reported that more people coming in and that she has a new volunteer so her Shop is now open Mon-Thursday. Judy reported that the alleys in Westwood are getting surveyed to determine if there’s a need for lighting.

An attendee from Westwood reported seeing an uptick in graffiti. He asked for help with a house near Raleigh & Morrison Rd after 2 incidents with guns on the block. 2 neighbors have moved as a result. An Officer reported that a prison escapee was captured on that block.The attendee asked for help starting a Neighborhood Watch and that most of the folks on his block don’t speak English.

An attendee had high praise for the Officers who took her on a ride-along and thanked CRO Dean Christopherson for his help getting the illegal blinking sign removed from the pot shop at 2020 S. Broadway. She reported that Tom Raines (sp?) from the DA’s office is looking at “bath salts” legislation. The Commander noted that CRO Christopherson has moved to the Public Information Office of DPD and introduced the new CRO Josh Vasconcellos, who took a pay cut (was a Detective) to take the CRO position because he is so committed to community policing.

An attendee asked for help with drag racing on S. Vallejo. Lt. Martinez that traffic enforcement is being monitored and that DPD is conducting stings. Martinez asked for help ID’ing the cars (model/license) and to have people call the non-emergency number and report every time (even if Officers can not respond in time) because the calls are used as a basis for deploying Officers. The attendee also asked for help with traffic when the 5 schools in the Tejon “complex” get back to school next month. Commander Nagle said he’ll work with the principals.

An attendee reported that the Civic Canopy people worked with builders in Montbello to have programs after school and during summers that showed kids what’s necessary to get into certain jobs.

Adriana, Aide to Councilman Lopez, reported that Lopez is developing 5 amendments (one on limits on distance from pot shops to other shops and schools) to help regulate pot shops. Adriana asked for Officers to patrol Westwood Park in the early morning (4:30am) as she’s seeing juveniles and is wondering if they’re taggers. She also asked for help patrolling the alley behind 4553 Morrison Road as it’s being used as a bathroom.

An attendee asked an Officer to look at 795 S Canosa Ct as it’s supposed to be vacant but there look to be squatters.

An attendee who lives in the Mira Lago apartments asked if there were any open forums RE: medical marijuana. No one knew of any forums, but the Commander advised her to contact Coucil Brown or Sussman. The attendee reported that she’s on a committee looking into food allergies and that there’s going to be walk at Wash Park on August 10th to raise money to sponsor having epi-pens in schools.

An NIS Inspector provided clarification in response to a question about RVs & trailers; saying that no trailers can be in driveways in front of the house (must be stored in back yard) and no RV’s over 22 feet are allowed on any property but that RV’s under 22 feet can be parked in driveways in front of house and that it’s considered a vehicle.

The next meeting will be August 7th at 6pm.

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