Election Results for District 7

Google map showing the boundaries of all Denver City Council election districts

**Update: 6/3/15** The run-off election has concluded, with Jolon Clark as the winner and new District 7 City Councilmember.

With nine candidates running, District 7 had the most contested race for Denver’s City Council election. A runoff will be held on June 2nd between front-runners Jolon Clark and Aaron Greco, as none of the candidates garnered the 50 percent necessary to win the council seat outright.

New council boundaries for this election

City Council District 7 was redrawn this year and now includes all of Athmar Park, Ruby Hill and Godsman Park, Valverde and the Baker neighborhoods. The University of Denver and Rosedale areas that were previously part of District 7 are now in District 6. Outgoing District 7 council member Chris Nevitt will give up his seat on July 20, when the new council boundaries go into effect.

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