Free Home Energy Scores For Sellers & Buyers

The City of Denver is running a pilot to raise awareness of energy costs during one of the optimal times that improvements are made – the transaction of a home. If you are selling or buying a Denver home, you are eligible for a free score. The score provides information about a home’s energy performance using a scale of 1-10 and includes cost-effective recommendations to improve now and when it’s time to replace equipment. The pilot will run through December of 2019 with a goal of scoring 1,500 homes citywide. 

  • Buyers: Find out how much energy a home is expected to use and how much your energy bills are likely to be. According to the U.S. Dept. of Energy the average homeowner spends $2,500 annually on energy costs. The score report can give you more insight into the home you are buying providing you with a roadmap for what to do now and in the future when it’s time to replace equipment.
  • Sellers: If you’ve made improvements to the home you are selling the score can help you showcase that it has lower energy costs than other similar homes. Or if you anticipate your home to sit on the market longer, obtain a score and see if there are any cost-effective measures to do before you list.
  • Request a Score: If you are selling or buying in Denver request a free score by visiting: and an Energy Assessor will contact you to schedule your appointment.

Questions: Contact or call 720-865-5430.

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