Partial Closure of Mississippi Avenue Bridge over S. Platte River

Here’s what we know about the project from Denver Public Works. The work is bridge rehabilitation, taking place on the portion of Mississippi over the S. Platte River between S. Platte River Dr. and Santa Fe from April 16, 2018 through June 15, 2018. [Note: The work has been delayed a week until the construction company gets the street occupancy permit approved.]

According to Kevin Lee Rens, an engineer with Denver Public Works, “about ½ of the work is being done below the bridge and will not disrupt traffic as the bridge will be temporarily supported while we work on the foundation system. About ½ of the work is being done on the deck (we will be milling off the asphalt deck and completing repairs on the road surface) which will disrupt traffic on the bridge as lanes will be closed down for several weeks if the street occupancy permit is approved. So some of the bridge lanes will be closed down as repairs are made to the deck for several weeks depending on weather and availability of materials.”

The project is about “$900,000 worth of repairs on the bridge superstructure, deck, and substructure,” said Mr. Rens in an email. They will strengthen the supporting elements’ foundation into the water and will remove the asphalt to determine if the concrete surface beneath requires maintenance, all to ensure they get the full 70 years lifespan from the bridge. Some of the additional work that will be more visible are repairs to the sidewalks and ramps on the top and work on the railing underneath and along the bridge. The contractor is Meyers and Sons, who will mobilize next week. The city has completed the lane closures, traffic plan and schedule, and we’ll post them here when they are approved and distributed.



  • Thanks Erica, a major corridor for me.

  • The picture looks like Alameda Avenue, just east of Sante Fe

  • When are you not working on that area? I guess you don’t like neighborhoods to be able to get out of their neighborhood, and if we do be stuck for 50 minutes in traffic.

    • Yes, it’s quite a pain when Mississippi is closed for those of us who live to the west trying to get anywhere to the east. But I’m hoping once all the construction is completed it’ll be better. I’m still trying to find out from the city what this new closure is about, since they finished all of the water lines, roadwork, and the ped and bike path last year.

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