Levitt Pavilion Meeting at Ruby Hill Park #2

A conceptual image showing the Levitt Pavilion at Ruby Hill Park.

Levitt Pavilion Meeting at Ruby Hill Park

The Levitt Pavilion Meeting at Ruby Hill Park took place on September 27, 2016. The presentation slides contain the vision of the development of the Levitt Pavilion, a new outdoor music venue being built at the park. The notes below go into a little bit more detail.

Purpose of the Ruby Hill Levitt Pavilion Project

  • City Councilman Jolon Clark shared that 10 years ago bullet holes riddled the playground, trees were tagged, and cars spun out dangerously in the parking lots and grass. We as a community are reclaiming the space. This project is only strong with all the voices engaged.
  • The park serves neighborhood and regional functions and strengthens communities.
  • The pavilion provides free access for all. Kids from all backgrounds across the front range can have the experience of mountain biking, skiing, sledding, snowboarding, music, and arts at Ruby Hill Park. Having access to these activities is a right, not a privilege for the few. The park is to break down the barriers.

Event Dates

  • Groundbreaking is scheduled for  November 10th at 10:00 am.
  • Levitt plans to hold its first concert in the newly constructed pavilion on July 15, 2017.

Questions from the Neighborhood

Q: How do you plan to control the concert sounds from the pavilion?
A: The stage will be built on the lower side of the bowl and the sound will be absorbed into the hillside.  50 dB of legal, allowable sound will be heard, which is no louder than someone talking on his or her cell phone.

Q: Are there still plans to build a parking lot behind the houses on Quivas?
A: Most of the designers had not heard of that proposal. They said they would go back and review old designs but they do not believe it is any longer in the plans. Their parking plans are discussed in the presentation.

Q:  There is a lot of confusion around the names of the pavilions: The “Small Picnic Pavilion by the playground”, the “Large Picnic Pavilion”, Levitt Pavilion. Can we look at figuring out names that are more defining for each location?
A: The participants at the meeting seemed to be understanding and receptive to brainstorming names that aren’t so generalized.

Q: What about asbestos found in the soil due to the area being an old garbage dump?
A:  Plans are in place to professionally abate the asbestos in an environmentally sound manner that will have limited impact on the neighborhood.

Q:  Will Levitt Pavilion organization have offices behind the stage of the Levitt Pavilion?
A: Yes. They will be working out of those offices 7 days a week. There will be a presence to keep an eye on the pavilion when it is not in use.

Q: How will you protect the Pavilion from graffiti?
A: The pavilion will be coated in a clear coating that will make it easy to remove graffiti. 

Q: How do you plan on controlling parking?
A: The answer is best explained on the traffic study part of the presentation.

Q: How can neighbors be involved and offer feedback on the Levitt Pavilion project?
A: An announcement will be going out in January about the creation of a Levitt Pavilion Neighborhood Committee. People who want to be involved can sign up. Feedback and excitement is important for the vitality of this project.

Q: Can we also project movies on the Pavilion?
A:  Yes. Levitt Pavilion is in discussion with Athmar in the possibility of purchasing a projector for inter-neighborhood use. Still in development.


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