Levitt Pavilion Officially Breaks Ground at Ruby Hill!

Levitt Pavilion Officially Breaks Ground at Ruby Hill

The long-awaited Levitt Pavilion officially broke ground at Ruby Hill Park on Thursday, November 10th. When completed next year, the outdoor amphitheater will host 50 free concerts a year and, according to this Denverite article, “will be available to schools, arts organizations, outside concert organizers and other nonprofits.”

Neighbor Brandy Moe attended the event and estimated at least 50 people were in attendance for the live music, speakers, and the actual groundbreaking ceremony. “[City Councilman] Jolon Clark’s speech was full of positivity and hope and made my heart pound for Ruby Hill Park. The Mayor spoke about how music has the unique ability to unify communities, which we need so much right now. His speech was seriously uplifting,” said Ms. Moe.


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