Levitt Sub-Committee Meeting May 2019

Levitt Sub-Committee Meeting May 2019


Andy: Levitt Associate Director/Community Outreach
Zach: Ruby Hill neighborhood near park. Works with “Band Start” at Schmidt Elementary, fulfilling the music grant
Jace: Ruby Hill neighborhood bordering park
Sharona: Ruby Hill neighborhood
Drew: Ruby Hill Neighborhood
Judy: Overland Neighborhood


  • May 24th will be the first free show of the season
  • The evening of June 6th is at this point, the only show scheduled that is a rented space and will be used by a church group. Levitt will have staff on board to supervise sound and enforce the rules.
  • Paid concerts and the free Reggae on the Grass will be expecting larger audiences. The CPR land at the top of Jewell and Raritan will be used as a paid, overflow parking lot with security, lighting and a path to the Pavilion following along the bike park.
  • It is fine to park along the road below the pavilion in the park. There are low, yellow concrete barriers along this road which can confuse drivers. You can park next to them.
  • There was a rumor that Levitt will be partnering with AEG. This is false. Levitt has a contract with the City of Denver and this is not in the contract. No concert will exceed 7,500 attendees.
  • Levitt Pavilion is interested in promoting Community Ministry’s goals to keep the Food Bank open for the neighborhood.
  • If you have a question for Andy, the Levitt Associate Director/Community Outreach, you can email him at Andy@levittdenver.org. If you have concerns during a concert, you can TEXT him at 303-909-3487.

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