March 2019 Meeting Minutes

Robin Kniech speaks to the Ruby Hill Neighbors RNO, March 2019.

Board Reports and Introductions

Invited Speakers

Denver Police District 4

Officer Monique Sedberry, substituting for our new Community Resource Officer (CRO) provided the crime stats for February, and for the year to date.

City Councilor At-Large

Robin Kniech, City Councilor At-Large spoke about her priorities, which include programs to help keep people in their homes, a non-discrimination ordinance, climate, jobs, and transportation. Council member Kniech is running for re-election.

Superfly/Grandoozy update

David Ehrlich spoke about how he appreciated working with the neighborhoods, and it was a positive and rare experience. He encourages neighborhoods to be more demanding with the entities that come into their neighborhoods, as we were. He also answered questions from neighbors:

  • Q: If Grandoozy comes back to Denver, what’s the likelihood of it being at Overland Golf Course again? Answer: It was very expensive. More likely than not to go to the golf course because they know how to do it there, but would need changes from the City to make it more affordable.
  • Q: What are you going to do about RTD? A: We learned we have to educate people about how to efficiently use transportation.
  • Q: What could we do to encourage Grandoozy to come back? A: A letter of support from neighborhood associations would be helpful.
    • Resolution passed to provide a letter of support to Grandoozy.

Community Activation for Prevention Study (CAPS)

Pallas Quist gave an update on the Community Activation for Prevention Study (CAPS), which is attempting to learn whether being a part of a community garden can promote health behaviors that prevent cancer, and if so, how and why behavior change occurs. This is the third and final year of data collection. They have worked with Ruby Hill Community Garden for the past 3 years and are looking for participants for the final year of the study. Neighbors who are interested in participating can find more information here.

No on 300

Nick Brown spoke about the upcoming ballot measure and why his organization is advocating for No on 300.

Loretto Heights Update

Cathy gave an update on Loretto Heights. Pancratia Hall will be renovated to be transformed into affordable housing. Westside Investment Partners has been focused on community involvement, and is taking the process slowly in order to do it right.

City Council District 7

City Council member Jolon Clark spoke about getting rid of the feminine hygiene tax, the $15/hour minimum wage boost for city workers, and tours being set up of landfill, recycle, and compost facilities. He also mentioned two upcoming events, and answered questions:

Capital Project Planning Town Hall
March 23rd
11:00 am – 1:00 pm
Hadley Branch Library, 1890 S. Grove St.
Coffee with Councilman Clark
March 23rd
9:00 am – 11:00 am
Vinh Xuong Bakery, 2370 W Alameda Ave.
  • Q: What can be done about the geese at the lake? A: The geese are an expensive, complicated, controversial issue. Parks can’t do much because there are two geese populations: migratory population (federally protected) and resident population. Have to work with the State Department of Natural Resources. Denver is well past the caring capacity for geese. One of the impacts is that parts of the S. Platte River violate E. coli standard because of the number of geese.
  • Q: What’s going on on S. Platte River Drive between Evans and Dartmouth? There is so much trash going into the river from homeless encampment sweeps. A: If you see homeless encampments, call them in so social workers and homeless outreach teams can be sent out to help.


David Berton of RealArchitecture spoke briefly again about his rezoning application, and answered several questions from members. Members voted on providing a position statement for the rezoning application at 1901 S Navajo St & 1900 S Osage St. It will go before the Planning Commission April 17th.

  • total members voting: 15
  • vote for: 14
  • vote against: 1
  • abstain: 0


  • Joyce announced that Lighthouse Church will be selling the Community Ministry property (the gym where we meet). The list price is $750k. Community Ministry has been in the location for 18 years; they are looking at a long-term lease on another location nearby. David Berton is helping. Community Ministry will need to leave by February 2020; their rent goes up in September 2019. Athmar Recreation Center would be the next available location in the neighborhood for us to meet if we are unable to continue meeting in the church gym.
  • A community meeting on the Iowa Avenue Underpass Bicycle/Pedestrian Improvements project will be held on Tuesday, April 9 at Grant Beacon Middle School Community (1751 S Washington Street), from 5 PM to 7:30 PM. Jace will be our neighborhood representative, but all are welcome to attend.

Meeting Adjourned

View the Facebook Live video here.


  • These neighborhood meetings seem like their a joke. Why is it okay to allow an obnoxious music festival to come back into a neighborhood where majority of the people don’t want it. Denver has plenty of other locations to hold it. Nothing legit is not discussed at these meetings. There are major issues worth talking about like the street racing going on in the neighborhood no one seems to care about.

    • We appreciate that you took the time to read the minutes and offer your input. We do have both the District 4 Officer representation and Council District 7 representation who might be able to offer solutions to these problems and offer answers to your questions. Our meetings are the third Tuesday of the month September through May and that is the best way to offer your input in real time and ask questions to those who may have answers. The role/goal of these meetings are to get the neighborhood and the topics that are impacting it in one place. We may not have all the answers, but our goal is to get the people who do to those who are asking.

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