Marijuana Grow Warehouse on Santa Fe

Google streetview of S. Santa Fe Drive

On the agenda for the upcoming Denver City Council meeting on February 4 is a bill that proposes rezoning 1410 and 1420 S. Santa Fe so that its property owner can “seek a zoning permit for plant husbandry to allow for growing of marijuana (not allowed in the current zoning), in conjunction with retail sales (already allowed in the current zoning).”

The building currently at 1410 S. Santa Fe is split across two different parcels, one of which is already zoned for plant husbandry. The bill before the council requests to have the west half of the building (currently an office front) and the parking lot that face S. Santa Fe zoned similarly. According to their re-zoning application, the property owners will be “converting a warehouse to a storefront with industrial use in the back.”

As no public comments have been received, the city planner recommends approval for the application.

The meeting is at 10:30 on February 4 at the City & County Building, Room 391. Supporting materials can be obtained from the City’s website.

**Update – 2/5/15**

A presentation was given and the Neighborhoods & Planning committee approved filing the bill by unanimous vote on February 4.

**Update – 2/18/15**

Dependent upon publication on Monday, March 16, 2015, Council will hold a required public hearing on CB15-0030, changing the zoning classification for 1410 & 1420 S. Santa Fe Drive. Any protests against CB15-0030 must be filed with the Council Offices no later than noon on Monday, March 9, 2015.

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