November 2019 Meeting Minutes

Below are the November 2019 meeting minutes.

Board Reports and Introductions

  • Introductions
  • The co-treasurer provided an update
  • The secretary described the previous meeting’s minutes

Invited Speakers

Denver Police District 4

Officer Jerami Chavez, our Community Resource Officer (CRO) provided the crime stats for October, and for the year to date.

City Council District 7

Councilman Jolon Clark provided several updates

  • The Iowa Underpass project has been delayed by the State Historic Preservation Office due to findings about historic handrails. The project is now running the risk of losing half of its budget because the DRCOG funding must be spent in a certain amount of time or will be lost
  • Council has approved a new office under the mayor dedicated to climate change resilience and sustainability. $8 million has been approved in the budget, for the office
  • Council is considering a fee on plastic and paper bags. They will review how well it’s working after a year and then consider a full ban.
  • Council is also looking at a proposal to raise the minimum wage now that state law allows it. The state’s current minimum wage is set at  $11.10, increasing to $12.00 in 2020. The proposal for Denver would increase the minimum wage to $12.85 in year 1, $15.00 in 3 years
  • Infrastructure projects in the spring:

Seed Planting Event

Sharona spoke about the successful seed planting event held earlier this month.

Proposed Revisions to Denver RNO Ordinance

Erica spoke about a proposal from another RNO to amend the RNO ordinance and read parts of the proposed changes. Neighbors provided feedback and Erica will send the document out with her comments to collect additional comments from those present to be compiled into our response.

Denver Parks and Recreation

Gordon Robertson, Director of Park Planning, Design, and Construction spoke about two projects:  Sanderson Gulch improvements and Ruby Hill Park Phase 3 improvements.

  • The Sanderson Gulch project would entail revegetating Sanderson Gulch park across the street from Godsman Elementary with Colorado native wildflowers. The paths would also be rebuilt. Construction is slated to begin Fall of 2020
  • The Ruby Hill Park Phase 3 project would include building a storage and activity building overlooking the bowl used for the Ruby Hill Rail Yard. This building would be staffed and available for equipment rentals of bikes for the bike park and gear for the Rail Yard. It would be open year round and could provide space for classes and programs, plus could have a small pump track next to it for teaching beginner biking classes. It would also have public restrooms. The other part of the project would be to improve the area where the pool currently is, by adding a basketball court, a sand volleyball court, a splash pad, and improving the road/parking. There is no current design or anything decided upon yet; Mr. Robertson is just getting a feel for what the neighborhood thinks of these plans and if they should start the process because there is a funder for the building. Neighbors made many suggestions and asked for Parks and Rec to put out a survey to get more input from the rest of the neighborhood.


  • Paul spoke about his Bungee Bootcamp classes held at Community Ministry and announced Destination Perspiration, a fitness fundraiser being held as a fun event to raise money for Community Ministry. Two sessions will be held on Saturday, January 18th, on from 9am – noon and the other from 5-7 pm. $5 for a 30 minute workout.
  • Joyce with Community Ministry spoke about another fundraiser being held on Sunday, January 26th at Sipping N’ Painting Hampden (6300 E Hampden Ave, Denver, CO 80222) from 5:30-7:30pm
  • Joyce also announced a pop-up holiday market Community Ministry is holding in partnership with Creepy Girls at Communistry Ministry on Saturday, December 14th from 10am – 5pm.

Meeting Adjourned

View the Facebook Live video for the November 2019 meeting here.


  • When that the activity building is finished can you sign me up for the BMX classes? I already have a bike.‍♀️ So can you put me on the mailing list for the classes? Thanks.

    Ivy Q – Age 8
    Athmar Park

    • Hi Ivy,
      We aren’t in charge of the activity building or the park. This website is for the Ruby Hill area’s neighborhood association, which is a bunch of people who live in this area who get together to talk about the neighborhood and hear from various city people about neighborhood plans. The city will be the ones in charge of the activity building, and if and when it gets built, they would be the ones to contact about classes.

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