Platte River Overland Reach

Photo of Platte River where it runs through the Ruby Hill neighborhood near Overland Reach

Part of the River Vision Implementation Plan, the Platte River Overland Reach portion includes river channel and bank improvements from Florida Ave to Asbury Ave to allow for increased wildlife habitat and enhanced boating features. Improvements include:

  • reconstructing the Florida drop structure and pump (complete—see project update);
  • removing 20,000 cubic yards of sediment from river;
  • regrading the channel and constructing low-flow riparian benches;
  • installing in-river habitat structures;
  • improving trails;
  • stabilizing banks and implementing native revegetation.

Construction began 10/6/2014 and is scheduled to be complete by 6/19/2015. Download the full River South Master Plan here.

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