RELEASE: Draft 2020 Housing Action Plan Available for Public Comment

Draft 2020 Housing Action Plan Available for Public Comment

Online survey seeks feedback on draft 2020 Action Plan for Affordable Housing

DENVER, CO ­— Wednesday, September 11, 2019 — Denver Economic Development & Opportunity (DEDO) announces the release of the draft 2020 Annual Housing Action Plan for public comment. The action plan outlines specific work informed by Housing an Inclusive Denver, the city’s five-year comprehensive housing plan.

The 2020 Action Plan in English and Spanish is available for comment through October 10, 2019 through the following online survey.

DEDO has worked with the Housing Advisory Committee (HAC) since May to inform the draft 2020 Action Plan. The public review draft of the plan was approved for public comment at the September HAC meeting, and final changes to the plan will be considered by the HAC later this fall.

The purpose of the 2020 Action Plan is to guide the city’s investments and policy priorities in support of Housing an Inclusive Denver over the coming year. The document outlines:

  • Current housing and demographic conditions to drive prioritization of housing resources in 2020;
  • Overview of 2020 resources available for investment in development, preservation and programs;
  • Projected investments and outcomes in 2020 based on current pipeline of projects and programs;
  • Key action items from the Housing an Inclusive Denver plan that the city and its partners will focus on in 2020 to expand the affordable housing toolbox and promote the core goals of the plan; and
  • The city and its partners’ steps to implement the 2020 Action Plan priorities

Adopted by City Council in early 2018, Housing an Inclusive Denver identifies 28 specific priority strategies to be implemented over a five-year period. Currently, just 20 months into the plan’s implementation, 10 of the priority strategies have been completed. Notable accomplishments under the plan include:

Language in the draft 2020 Action Plan reflects the current structure and partnerships in place within DEDO’s Housing Division. However, Denver is currently in transition to establish a new Department of Housing Stability, which will bring together the work currently being done by DEDO’s Housing Division and Denver’s Road Home, the city’s lead program to support people experiencing homelessness, and some additional grants and programs related to serving people experiencing homelessness.

During this transition, DEDO’s Housing Division and Denver’s Road Home will continue to implement strategic planning efforts under existing frameworks, including Housing an Inclusive Denver andthe Three-Year Shelter Plan, but an update and/or integration of these and other city plans is anticipated to better reflect needs across the entire housing continuum.

Denver Economic Development & Opportunity is leading an inclusive and innovative economy for all Denver residents, businesses, and neighborhoods. By supporting local and global business development, affordable housing programs, and stabilization efforts in Denver’s diverse neighborhoods, we are creating opportunity for everyone to make a home, get a job, and build a future.


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