Ruby Hill-Godsman January 2015 Meeting Notes

Photo of a Ruby Hill-Godsman Neighborhood Association meeting

This is an incomplete list of things discussed at the January 20, 2015 neighborhood association meeting (basically, from memory!). In future, meeting minutes or notes will be taken during the meeting and posted here.

Lt. Martinez from District 4 spoke to us about various issues, including the upcoming Snowmageddon event. Sharona volunteered to contact Parks & Recreation about the event to find out what is being done about parking.

Mickki Langston mentioned that a special events agency or office had been announced. The agency or office would help coordinate events with neighborhood associations, and we should find out who to contact to learn more.

Attendees asked Lt. Martinez questions about drag racing, events at Ruby Hill Park, locking the park at night.

Sharona requested volunteers to help take over some of the duties of longtime association members to give them a break. Arrangements are being made to support others with neighborhood association meeting prep, including calling association members to remind them of upcoming meetings, bringing snacks, and opening the church gym.

The group agreed on a number of activities for the year, including a neighborhood garage sale and picnic. We discussed holding a meeting in March or April to allow the various people running for city council in our district to speak.

Dues of $10 will be collected at the next neighborhood association meeting on February 17. Dues will help us with some of the outreach efforts to increase membership and attendance that we have discussed.

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