Ruby Hill-Godsman April 2015 Meeting Notes

Photo of a Ruby Hill-Godsman Neighborhood Association meeting


Officers: Sharona Thompson, Ruby Hill President; Scott Bolt, Godsman President

Members: List to be added

Also Present: City Council candidates Jake Viano, Mickki Langston, Ian Harwick, and Mathews “Mateos” Alvarez. Valerie Kerns, Aide to District 7 Councilmember Chris Nevitt; Robin Kinech, At-Large City Counci member; Chris Yanez, West Denver District Planner for Denver Parks and Recreation


  • Introductions
  • Scott introduced all present City Council candidates; each answered questions from association members.
  • Robin Kinech, At-Large City Councilmember spoke
  • Marie and Darryl provided updates on the last two commander’s meetings. Marie’s notes are posted, Darryl will be posting his notes as well
  • Chris Yanez from Parks and Rec introduced himself. He is new at his post but listened to neighbors concerns about Ruby Hill Park, and agreed to find out answers to several questions:
    • How can we get notified about events at Ruby Hill Park?
    • What is the decibel level allowed at Ruby Hill Park and has it been/will it be changed? How would we find out about proposed changes?
    • When will construction begin for the mountain bike skills course at Ruby Hill Park?
    • What are the utilization numbers for Denver pools and how does the Ruby Hill Park pool compare?
    • Whose responsibility is it to monitor illicit activity in the park at night?
  • Brandy announced the Ruby Hill Earth Day Event this Saturday, March 25 from 10 a.m.–12 p.m. at the Ruby Hill Community Garden. Strawberries and mint plants will be thinned and handed out for free. (Learn more about the garden and available plots for the 2015 season.)
  • Erin announced the Ruby Hill Urban Farmers group is hosting a neighborhood garden and urban farm tour. (Learn more about the tour.)
  • Scott introduced local business owner Raj Jain
  • Raj Jain spoke about his background and his business, specialty Indian grocery store Indus Mart, located at 1225 S. Federal Blvd. Mr. Jain is applying for a liquor license so that his grocery store can stock imported Indian wine. A hearing will be scheduled for his license and he’d like people to show up to show support, or email Council member Paul Lopez to comment on the initial license denial.

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