Ruby Hill-Godsman April 2017 Meeting Notes

Update from City Council District 7

City Councilman Jolon Clark and Council Aide Anita Bañuelos

  • Cannabis church opening on 4/20 in District 7 West Wash Park neighborhood, Councilman Clark discussed the implications this has for zoning, particularly where marijuana-related businesses could be located
  • GO Bond meetings ongoing, opportunities for public opinion, we can speak in person or through emails, submit comments to support projects in our neighborhood
  • Proposed music festival at Overland Golf Course in 2018, all public comments are being compiled and will be available soon
  • Take the Denver Vision Zero survey to pinpoint unsafe intersections in our neighborhood, the more we report dangerous intersections, the more likely the city will do something to fix the issues

Update from Denver Police District 4

Commander Mark Fleecs and Sergeant G. Michael Vogler

  • Crime report discussed and questions answered about particular crimes that have occurred in the neighborhood
  • Annual Cinco de Mayo cruising on Federal – District 4’s plan to keep the neighborhood safe
  • Sunday Night Cruising – sixteen officers and two sergeants will be working overtime on Sundays throughout the summer, a helicopter will be dedicated throughout the summer as well, the owners of the Mercado (Federal and Louisiana) lot are based in California and a discussion has taken place about permitting the installation of parking blocks and speed bumps to deter “burn-outs” and donuts in the parking lot
  • Fireworks season – what the police are able to do when illegal fireworks are reported, what we can do as residents to help, plans to handle these issues as we head into fireworks season
  • Hosting and choosing a date for an Inter-Neighborhood Fireworks Meeting
    • Ruby Hill Park, large pavilion, potentially May 2nd
    • Invite all surrounding neighborhoods, Athmar, Mar Lee, College View, Westwood
    • Come up with a multi-neighborhood plan to alleviate issues that come with fireworks in our neighborhoods

Update from Levitt Pavilion Denver

Andy Thomas, Associate Director and Community Outreach

  • Construction update
  • Explanation of the mission of Levitt Pavilion Denver
  • Any questions?

Update from Ruby Hill Social Committee

  • A group of Ruby Hill’ers are meeting once a month to discuss neighborhood issues and brainstorming ways to get more folks involved; anyone can attend!
  • Proposed making banners to post in the neighborhood, advertising the upcoming RNO meetings.

Other Updates

  • District 7 Clean-Up/Plant Trees/BBQ
    • Saturday, June 3rd District-wide event
    • All homes in Ruby Hill will receive a flier with information on the event
    • Neighbors can sign up to volunteer or receive help on a project
  • Denver Days (Ruby Hill Neighborhood Picnic)
    • Proposal to hold neighborhood picnic at the large pavilion at Ruby Hill Park on August 13, 2017
    • Looking for folks to help plan this event
  • Community Garden Season Begins
  • Finances Update/Membership Dues
    • Treasurer gave the financial report for the neighborhood association
    • Dues are $10 per family per year

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