Ruby Hill-Godsman August 2018 Meeting Notes

An aerial photograph of a portion of the Ruby Hill Park showing Levitt Pavilion and the Denver skyline.

Below are notes from our brief August 2018 meeting, held at Levitt Pavilion in Ruby Hill Park.

City Council District 7 updates

  • Happy hour with Councilman Clark, Wednesday, August 22 nd , 6pm-8pm, Illegal Pete’s on Broadway
  • Check the District 7 Facebook page for the latest details on the Alameda Underpass closures
  • The publishing of Denveright is open for public comment
  • Denver has a dockless scooter program
  • Cops and Cones at Denver Police District 4, August 30 th , 3p,-6pm, open to students and the public

Loretto Heights updates (given by neighbor Cathy McCandlish)

  • Westside (the new owners) are a local company, a lot of the development team have ties to
    Loretto & the Denver area
  • Westside is listening to us and our input is valuable, they care about the community views
  • Councilman Flynn's stakeholder meetings are moving forward with effective Stakeholder collaboration
  • Buildings saved: Admin, Chapel, Pancratia Hall and the cemetery (hopefully more to follow)
    Denver Days, Sunday, August 12th , 4pm-9pm
  • Promoted and passed out flyers
  • Wonderful to see so many Ruby Hill Neighbors and OPNA partners at the 8/12
    celebration 🙂

Grandoozy discounted tickets update

  • Follow the Ruby Hill Facebook page and website for updates as they come
  • Tickets will be available the week before the festival at Will Call, most likely located on Florida
  • Limit 2 per household at the rate of $25/day per ticket – $25 goes to the foundation
  • If the allotted Ruby hill tickets run out there will be 50% discounted tickets available
  • Ruby Hill area is defined as homes between Mississippi and Evans and Federal and Platte River
  • You must show an ID with an address in that location, if your ID does not have your address, you may bring a utility bill with your name and address as proof of residence.

One comment

  • I am sueing the city if this f***s up my neighborhood for the weekend. I hope to gather names for a lawsuit against the city for hosting this size of festival without suitable parking areas. South of Evans get nothing but will be inodated with traffic and BS for that weekend!

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