Ruby Hill-Godsman February 2015 Meeting Notes

Photo of the Ruby Hill Park sign


Officers: Sharona Thompson, Ruby Hill President; Scott Bolt, Godsman President
Members: List to be added
Also Present: City Council candidates Jolon Clark, Mickki Langston, Ian Harwick, and Luchia Brown. City Auditor Dennis Gallagher and City Auditor candidate Timothy O’Brien.


  • Introductions and check-in question (favorite vegetable)
  • Scott announced the Ruby Hill-Godsman Neighborhood Association would host a District 7 City Council Forum on March 17 at Godsman Elementary School.
  • Scott introduced all present City Council candidates; each spoke for 30 seconds.
  • City Auditor Dennis Gallagher spoke, describing what it was like to be City Auditor.
  • City Auditor candidate Timothy O’Brien gave a campaign speech, passed around petition to be added to the ballot.
  • Daryl presented notes on the District 4 Commander’s Meeting:
    • District 4 has a new bilingual Civilian Report Technician, Laura Salinas
    • Graffiti is down, but there is a graffiti artist working around 2900 S. Federal, tag name is Dewy. Take photos of grafitti and report it to police and to Public Works or contact George with District 4 graffiti team
    • March 11 is the next meeting, Marie will attend
  • Brandy spoke about a situation involving a vehicle stolen from the DU neighborhood being tracked by police to a house near the corner of Raritan and Mexico. Police busted a ring of thieves associated with the theft.
  • Sharona mentioned the Next Door site and that she posts updates about our neighborhood there as well as on Facebook.
  • Nathan Batchelder, aid from Councilman Nevitt’s office City Council District 7 encouraged signing up for their newsletter from their website. He also announced the Councilman’s monthly office hours at Breakfast King and Newbarry’s Diner.
  • Sharona asked for thoughts on the Snowmageddon event. Several people attended and reported there were no problems and no parking issues.
  • Scott announced there is a Ruby Hill Railyard page on Facebook with lots of photos and videos, plus announcements of events.
  • Sharona announced that Marie was at the Interneighborhood Council meeting and would report back. Marie also attended the February 12th Denver Parks & Recreation Advisory Board meeting to bring up the group’s concerns about drag racing at Ruby Hill Park, safety, and alcohol consumption and broken bottles. Meeting minutes here. Sharona encouraged calling District 4 about any sightings or concerns so they can have a record of it.
  • The Ruby Hill Urban Farmers group was established last month. Several attendees gathered for the inaugural meeting. One neighbor who raises chickens mentioned the group would like to do a tour of people’s gardens or chicken coops or whatever else they’re raising. Cottage laws, food stands, and produce/homemade goods bartering were all discussed. Erin started a Facebook page (Ruby Hill Urban Farmers) and is the contact person for others who wish to join.
  • Sharona announced that the Ruby Hill Community Garden has open plots and would be interested in exchanging plant starts with the Ruby Hill Urban Farmers group. If interested in being involved with the community garden, contact Sharona.
  • Erica showed the new Ruby Hill-Godsman Neighborhood Association website and solicited involvement with creating content, translation, and commenting. The new site will go live when the domain name transfer is complete.
  • Sharona asked for ideas of where to do an Earth Day clean up. The Athmar Park Association indicated interest in partnering. Other ideas included Platte River from Misssissippi to Jewell. Jolon Clark mentioned that the grand opening of the first park, Johnson Habitat Park, will happen in mid-April and opportunity to clean-up in conjunction with that and the Greenway Foundation. Date is not official yet, but around the 15th. Sharona volunteered to make buttons.
  • Membership fees were collected, $10 per household. Dot, the Ruby Hill Finance Manager was not present, so Essie, the Godsman Finance Manager collected them. The separate bank accounts will be combined for the joint Association.
  • Scott talked about budget for food and beverage for the March event. Scott, Brandy, and Shirley volunteered to work on this.
  • Colorado State Representative Diana DeGett will be at the April meeting.
  • Thank yous went out to Claudia and Armand for calling attendees, and Daryl and Shirley for bringing food.

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