Ruby Hill-Godsman July 2018 Meeting Notes

An aerial photograph of a portion of the Ruby Hill Park showing Levitt Pavilion and the Denver skyline.

Below are notes from our brief July 2018 meeting, held at Levitt Pavilion in Ruby Hill Park.

***Updated Grandoozy ticket info, July 27***

Discounted non-profit priced tickets ($25/day) will be available through the Grandoozy box office prior to the event on a first-come first-served basis. It will be a will-call pick-up with proof of address requirement. Make sure you follow the neighborhood Facebook page and sign up for updates from the neighborhood association website for more details as they become available.


Councilman Clark, District 7

  • Come talk with Councilman Clark at Newbarry’s, Jewell and Federal, 8-10am Saturday 7/14
  • Park Tax Proposal Question Answer – General info is to align Denver County with the rest of the state by allowing for a small addition to sales tax to be used to maintain, manage, and obtain park land through the Denver-owned properties. That would equate to $2.50 on every $100 spent and the overall increase in funding would primarily come from tourists. Will be going through second reading on Monday, July 16 and then voted on by City Council to see if it will appear on the November ballot.
  • Some examples and questions:
    • Harvard Gulch trashcans were removed rather than being maintained due to lack of parks funding
    • Help continue the conversation about possible dog parks in District 7
    • Would cover Denver area and Denver-owned mountain parks
    • Councilman Clark is hoping for constituent support if it passes Monday 7/16

Grandoozy traffic and ticket info/update

  • Ruby Hill Neighborhood Discounted Ticket Info
    • Boundaries N: Mississippi  S: Evan Ave.  E: Platte River Drive  W: Federal Blvd.
    • First come, first served
    • Sign up for discounted tickets will occur at Ruby Hill Neighborhood Summer Meeting August 9, 2018
    • Sign up will be available, will need address, email, stay for the meeting, and limit 2 per household
    • 50% off tickets available after initial discounted ticket distribution is exhausted.
  • Regarding the parking – there will be some “barricades” at key streets indicating local parking only, although they are barricades that are for notice—people can drive around them if they want.
  • We will also coordinate the community hotline with the police and right of way enforcement for towing any cars that block driveways.

  • The City will manage Tier 2 areas by restricting on-street parking to residents only and following up with ticketing and enforcement. On-street parking in the industrial areas is not intended to be restricted aside from existing parking regulations.

Loretta Heights info/update

  • New (local) owners – closing in a couple weeks
  • Tried to get it listed as a Historical district, but don’t have time
  • New zoning is being proposed, looking like apartments but this meeting is in the future.
    • Admin building, chapel, and cemetery seem to be safe
    • Not sure when zoning meeting is with the council

Denver Days block party

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