Ruby Hill-Godsman June 2018 Meeting Notes

An aerial photograph of a portion of the Ruby Hill Park showing Levitt Pavilion and the Denver skyline.

Below are notes from our brief June 2018 meeting, held at Levitt Pavilion in Ruby Hill Park.

Anita Bañuelos, Councilman Clark’s Office

  • Please join us for the official rainbow crosswalk ribbon cutting ceremony on Friday, June 15th at 5 pm at Buffalo Exchange, 51 N Broadway on the corner of Broadway and Irvington.
  • Denver Public Works City Traffic Engineer has approved the closure of Alameda underpass for (4) consecutive weekends (largely in July) to complete the work. Pedestrians will still be able to use the underpass during all but one of the closures (3rd weekend), by the means of scaffolding protection. On the one weekend with pedestrian closures, we’ll be providing a detour route and bus vouchers. Our contractor will be removing the bridge in 4 weekends, as mentioned below. The work will generally be as follows:
    • Weekend 1 – removal of dirt, grass and plants from bridge
    • Weekend 2 – removal of timber on bridge deck
    • Weekend 3 – removal of girders (no ped access due to safety concerns)
    • Weekend 4 – removal of bridge piers from median, repair of median

Please note that repairs to the walls, sidewalk, or curb are NOT a part of this project, unless damaged by the contractor. Those larger wall repairs are part of a Bond project.

  • Asbury and Tejon Park – Pending renaming. Petitions have been turned in to Parks and Rec. Waiting to hear back to see if we have enough signatures. It will go to the Denver Parks and Rec Advisory Board in Aug. Parks and Rec/Waste Water are working on setting up bidding and construction so that the project can be planted in the spring and the renovated park will be open for the summer in 2019.
  • Coffee with Councilman Clark will be on Saturday, July 14th from 8:00 to 10:00 am at Newbarry’s on S. Federal Blvd and W. Jewell
  • Police warning about fireworks: Violators can incur fines up to $999.00 or 6 months in jail. If you have to light or ignite, it’s illegal. The Law: Under the International Fire Code, Section #33, (Adopted by the City & County of Denver)
    • 3301.1.3 – “possession, manufacture, storage, sale, handling, and use of fireworks are prohibited”
    • 3301.2.2 – “No person shall construct, a retail display, nor offer for sale…explosive materials, or fireworks”
    • 3302.1 Definition-Fireworks – “Any composition or device for the purpose of producing a visible or an audible effect for entertainment purposes by combustion, deflagration or detonation…, 1.4G Fireworks, formerly known as Class C, or 1.3G Fireworks, formerly known as Class B-Special Fireworks.

David Ehrlich, Grandoozy

  • Community ticketing: what we discussed has been approved and we are working with our ticketing partner on the communication process. We want to work with the RNOs and Councilman Clark’s office and hope to get the formal notice out in the next two weeks. It looks like we will have enough for each allocation so we will likely set a community pick up date at the festival box office sometime around September 12th.
  • Neighborhood plans:  getting more specific for implementation with the City. For example, someone parks in your driveway we will have a number for you to call and we are locking in which element of the police we then contact. They are figuring out a location for the towed cars. So moving forward on those elements.
  • Neighborhood Foundation and On-site: we are close to hiring someone local for the non-profits that want to be on site and will update shortly. We are also ready to take recommendations for grants for local non-profits that at this stage can be simply an email intro of the organization to me.

Jasmin Barco, Eco-Cycle

  • Educated Ruby Hill and College View neighbors on how we can increase recycling and composting in our neighborhoods.

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