Ruby Hill-Godsman March 2017 Meeting Notes

Ruby Hill-Godsman Neighborhood Association president, Scott Bolt, speaks to members during a meeting.

At least eight new neighbors attended the March 2017 Ruby Hill Neighborhood meeting! Welcome to all new members!

Update by Sgt. G. Michael Vogler

Denver Police District 4
Desk: 720-913-0218

Crime in Ruby Hill overall is down 43%. There are 2-3 crews/gangs that commit most of the crime in our neighborhood, when a few of them go to jail, the crime rate tends to drop.

Auto theft is 38% of the total crime in Ruby Hill. Sgt. Volger’s mantra is “if you love it, lock it”. Please, please, please lock your vehicles!

A new trend called “car surfing” occurs when high school aged kids walk down streets checking door handles. If it’s not locked they will take it for a joyride.

Cruising season is around the corner with warmer weather approaching.

If you see drag racing occurring, or if you know that it is set to occur, report it. Every time.

Go to Pocket and sign up to receive alerts from Denver Police Department’s “Virtual Neighborhood”.  Please sign up to get updates occurring in your neighborhood.

Question: Last year a neighbor saw police on bikes in the neighborhood, will they be patrolling on bikes again this year?

Answer: Yes!

Question: What happens this summer when more and more tents pop up along the South Platte River, urban camping?

Answer: Call it in to Denver District 4 Police, officers try to bring folks from Coalition for the Homeless with them when they approach homeless folks living by the river, to provide them with information about services. If the homeless are uncooperative and refuse to leave, the cops can issue a citation. If you want helpful information to learn more about what you can do to help the homeless, contact Mental Health Center of Denver, Coalition for the Homeless, or Stout Street Clinic.

Potential dog park update

Drew Weisel (Ruby Hill) and other neighbors met with Councilman Jolon Clark at Chain Reaction in March to discuss the possibility of creating a dog park in the Ruby Hill Neighborhood.

Tejon and Asbury Park; discussions of the potential to incorporate a dog park into the redesign of the park.

Drew wants neighbors’ thoughts on where we could have a dog park.

Overland Animal Hospital is on board with the goal of building a dog park in the neighborhood.

Update from Denver Animal Protection

Sgt. Joshua Rolfe, Denver Animal Protection

There is a 20-year plan for building dog parks in Denver neighborhoods. They are working on pop-up dog parks as well.

Question: If a dog charges you, is it within your rights to pepper spray the dog?

Answer: If a dog is attacking you, you have the same rights to protect yourself as you would if another human is attacking you. (Citronella spray is just as effective in the short term and doesn’t have the immediate respiratory affects of pepper spray.)

Question: What should we do if we come across someone that is not obeying the leash law?

Answer: If you see neighbors that consistently have their dogs off leash, you should report it. If you have their house number, and if you can get a picture with the dog (off leash), that is helpful.

Pets for Life program: free spay or neuter, vaccinations etc. Call Denver 311 to request free services for your pets if you live in zip codes 80219 and 80204.

Update by Councilman Jolon Clark

Thank you to everyone that is calling and letting him know about issues in the neighborhood. He appreciates the phone calls and emails and is working towards solving the issues.

Traffic engineering has agreed to do an area study on Zuni due to the complaints made about speeding, etc.

Keep reaching out to the District 7 City Council office when you have concerns about a particular intersection or certain safety issues in Ruby Hill, so that Jolon knows and can do something about it.

There is a survey, Lucky District 7, click “get involved” to give your input.

Councilman Clark has been working with Commander Fleecs (Denver Police District 4) on the street racing issues in our neighborhood. Call in all street racing! Councilman Clark is working with the commander to lessen the racing, collaborating with the owner of the parking lot on Louisiana and Federal in order to install wheel stops or parking blocks, and the commander is working with neighbors in that area.

June 3rd district-wide trash clean up and tree planting, BBQ to follow.

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