Ruby Hill-Godsman May 2018 Meeting Notes

We used a Facebook Live stream to allow those who couldn’t make it to watch and participate in the meeting live, which also means the record of the meeting is available as a video.

The meeting included updates from Police District 4 and Councilman Clark’s office, a presentation on the services provided by Rocky Mountain Human Services, and announcements about the District 7 Spring Cleanup and Grandoozy meetings. We also discussed a ton of housekeeping items, including reviewing and adopting new bylaws and discussing potential ad hoc meetings during the summer (which will be posted here when announced).

You can watch it from the videos section of our Facebook page, where you can see the comments made as the video happened, or you can view it below. (We had a potluck during this meeting, so the first 09:16 of the video are black; nothing important is discussed—it’s just people getting food and chatting.)

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