Ruby Hill-Godsman November 2016 Meeting Notes

A Denver Urban Fund mural painted on the wall of a building at the softball fields at Ruby Hill Park.

Officers: Sharona Thompson, Ruby Hill President; Scott Bolt, Godsman President

Members: ~25 neighbors and guests

District 7 City Councilman Jolon Clark made some remarks on the exciting time for Ruby Hill with the groundbreaking ceremony for Levitt Pavilion and the positive changes that have been made in both the Park and the neighborhood. He also spoke about a few things relevant to our neighborhood:

  • The $25,000/yr Urban Arts Fund has been doubled, and next year is slated to sponsor a mural on the pool building at Ruby Hill Park.
  • The second meeting for Asbury and Tejon Park will be on Wednesday December 14. There is money, but Denver Parks and Recreation needs neighborhood input on a vision for the park.
  • Vote on money for infrastructure projects through the Denver GO Bond program. The Jewell bridge and the Alameda underpass are two of the projects at the top of the list, but if we want them to be funded, neighbors need to get involved, show up to meetings, fill out the intake form. More information at
  • A commitment has been made that we will be allowed to weigh in before an official decision on keeping the Ruby Hill Park pool or building the planned splash pad. Right now there is no money for either, but Mr. Clark has heard the neighborhood’s desires regarding the keeping pool.
Community Resource Officer Nathan Beiriger
  • Crime overall is down slightly from this time last year, but property crimes are up.
  • No information on homicide investigation from body found in Sanderson Gulch.
  • Question about legality of smoking pot in homes that drift into neighboring homes
  • Question about location of speed radar previously on Florida. Officer Beiriger will add the location back on list, but the speed radar is a shared resource.
  • Council aide Anita Bañuelos will look into a flashing light for the safety zone on Florida
  • Neighbor who works at Schmitt mentioned that there are no school zones in the area. Traffic control devices at Raritan and Jewell needed. There is money for a crossing guard position at Schmitt
  • Neighbor suggested using traffic cones around school zones as a low-cost method of traffic control.

Peter Heim, Pastor of Garden Park Church announced that Garden Park Church is merging with a Spanish speaking church and will soon offer bi-lingual services.

Scott Bolt, Godsman President allowed all neighbors to introduce themselves and then spoke about the history of the Ruby Hill and Godsman neighborhood associations. The two groups combined because more people get more recognition. The association has been registered with the City for the past two years as Ruby Hill-Godsman. Scott and Sharona are co-presidents. Other things discussed:

  • Scott asked us to be thinking about what we need from the association, and how can we make it better. Wants to be inclusive and make sure everyone feels their voice is heard.
  • A neighbor brought up the Westwood Neighborhood Plan; Ruby Hill doesn’t have one. Maybe we can come up with one and submit it to City Council. They use these plans to check against what neighborhoods want when considering improvements, zoning, etc. in an area. Another neighbor asked if we have a mission statement, and suggested it could grow into a community plan/vision.
  • We brainstormed ideas for getting the word out to more neighbors about the association, trying to get more inclusive membership. Ideas included investing in signage. Reaching out through Schmitt Elementary School. Providing childcare (Peter Heim mentioned the current facility does have an upstairs play area. Scott and Peter will talk about finding someone who can provide supervision.)
  • Ruby Hill President Sharona Thompson gave a Treasury update.
  • We established a standing committee of volunteers to help with outreach. Social committee – contact us to be a part.
  • Schmitt is looking for a Community Liaison
  • We agreed to make our next meeting on December 20th a holiday potluck. Bring a neighbor! The social committee will work on ways to get sponsorship by a local real estate agent to help print flyers and will pass them out the week before the next meeting. There are also volunteers to pass them out at Schmitt Elementary and the church.
  • Dues will be collected in January—$10 per household for the year.
  • If we decide we want to vote on officers, we’ll do it in May

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