Ruby Hill-Godsman November Neighborhood Association Meeting Notes

Update from District 4 Police

Update from Councilman Clark’s office – Anita Bañuelos

  • Councilman Clark and Anita as his alternate are on the Loretto Heights steering committee
  • S. Federal Blvd.
    • Green infrastructure between W. Alameda to W. Mississippi, all water quality features with drainage on the sides by the side walks a median
    • Medians will be added from W. Alameda to W. Vassar, design is in the works, Spring 2019-2020 & 2020-2021
    • Little Saigon Business Improvement District in the works from w. Alameda to w. Mississippi, tax increase on businesses to go back to the stretch to create artwork, improvements and/or maintain the green infrastructure
    • Check out the Lucky District 7 Facebook page for up coming community meetings
    • 2020 Art Challenges – painting S. Federal Blvd electrical boxes at 5th, 6th, Alameda, Virginia, Exposition, Kentucky and Florida – with local artists [PDF]

Christian Jimenez, Mayors Office, Office of Neighborhood Engagement

  • Liaison between Mayor’s Office and west Denver neighborhoods

Brooke Bender – spoke about two grants she’s learned about that can benefit the neighborhood

  • Vision Zero Community Grant – due Dec 1
    • Osage and Florida – Pedestrian crosswalk to get to the park
    • Doesn’t fund crosswalks or lights or infrastructure
    • Can be used to create a case for putting infrastructure in (studies, observational data collection, speed measurement)
    • Levitt interested in being involved, from a parking standpoint
  • Another grant, Safe Routes to Parks – due Dec 10
    • Funds infrastructure, up to $12,000
    • Could do both grants, one for the studies, one for the infrastructure
  • Active Living Coalitions
    • Suggestion to partner with Athmar Active Living Coalition
    • The City is hiring a community coordinator for a southwest Denver coalition

Colin Mudd, National Compliance Director for Medically Correct

  • Cannabis edible and cultivation company at 1308 S. Jason
  • The City has mandated that retail cannabis operations have a community engagement plan
    • They have chosen to pay off school lunch debt at Schmitt ($1100) and Godsman ($250) Elementary School
    • Have done this for Athmar and Baker neighborhoods as well
    • Funneled through the neighborhood association
    • Would also like to help pay for coats, hats, gloves etc. for kids at the schools, which they’ve also done for Athmar
    • Have 110 employees who could participate in volunteer events
      • Sharona suggested reaching out in the spring to the Ruby Hill Community Garden for some opportunities
    • Megan mentioned in near future we’ll be offering organizational memberships

Take the DBASE Survey

  • Make sure Ruby Hill is represented in this preliminary research survey for the Denver Study of the Built and Social Environment (DBASE). This is a project based at University of Colorado, Boulder that will explore neighborhood effects on health by providing a unique neighborhood-level data source describing social processes and aspects of the built environment that link area of residence to the health of the residents. DBASE is working to identify which neighborhood factors are associated with health, how they affect health, and when they are the most influential across the life-course.

Garden Park Church closing – Lighthouse Church to start in September of next year

  • Community Ministry will stay until August of next year
  • The gym is still available for events, through Community Ministry


  • Voting on new name for the RNO: Ruby Hill Neighbors
    • 14 votes for / 0 votes against / 1 abstaining
    • Will become official when refiling at the beginning of the year
  • Voting for RNO officers
    • Passing Sharona and Scott along from Co-Presidents to Past Presidents
    • Co-Presidents – Brandy and Jacqui
      • 13 votes for
    • Membership Secretary / Treasurer – Megan and Ken
      • 13 votes for
    • Recording Secretary – Erica
      • 12 votes for
    • Vote on Letter of Support for these two grants
      • 13 votes
  • Discuss our annual December pot luck – December 18th
    • Bring some food, bring a neighbor, Holly as Tio Ho Ho, Fit Bit raffle, ugly sweaters

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