Ruby Hill-Godsman October 2017 Meeting Notes

Jolon Clark – District 7 City Councilperson

Lt. Brad Qualley – District 4 Police

  • Down 15% crime in the area over last year
  • Still property crime – reminders about puffer season. 40-50% of cars stolen are puffers
  • Ruben Garduño (CRO) – has taken CPTED (Community Policing Through Environmental Design) training for environmental improvements to properties to avert crime, for which you can request a consultation
  • Working with Levitt and community board on the noise issues

Representative from Our Denver

  • Jordan talked about the scope of projects on the ballot
  • GO Bond ballot measures – Yes on 2A through 2G
  • Total package is $937 million

Representative from Denver Green Roof Initiative

  • Cameron spoke about this new building code requiring large buildings (over 25K sq ft) to devote a percentage of their roof to a garden or solar.
  • Talked about the benefits of green roofs.
  • Will be on the ballot November 7 as issue I-300

City and County of Denver Public Works

  • Megan talked about a variety of programs from Solid Waste Management, including:
  • Trash audits reveal that 50% of what’s thrown in the trash is compostable, 25% is recyclable, and only 25% is actual trash
  • You can request additional or larger recycling carts, and/or downsize your trash bin to a smaller cart

Sharona – Co-President Ruby Hill-Godsman Neighborhood Association

  • Megan and Stephen are the new treasurers
  • 501c3 status – need to update paperwork, but we are a 501c3
  • Current financial status was discussed

In-house discussion

  • Neighborhood Association Officer Roles/Titles
    • Co-Presidents – Sharona and Scott
    • Outreach Coordinator – Brandy
    • Information Officer – Erica
    • Treasurers – Megan and Stephan
  • Discussed time keeping and additional structure to neighborhood meetings
    • Trying to keep meetings shorter, structure them better;
    • Agreed to vote in December on changing meeting time to 6:00 – 7:30 starting in January
    • More social community time with snacks at the end of meetings!
    • Parliamentary procedures, keeping meeting minutes
  • At next month’s meeting, Sharona and Don will present estimates on neighborhood signs to encourage more neighborhood participation in association
  • RHGNA logo – Erica agreed to design some options; subcommittee to help narrow them down for presentation in December
  • Discussed the possibility of fundraising and hiring a consultant to draft up a neighborhood survey (in Spanish, Vietnamese and English) to distribute throughout the neighborhood to identify the top 5 important needs/projects.
  • Discussed possibility of inviting CERT speaker

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