Ruby Hill-Godsman October 2018 Meeting Notes

Below are notes from our October 2018 meeting (thank you, Sharona!). We also used a Facebook Live stream to allow those who couldn’t make it to watch and participate in the October 2018 meeting live, which also means the record of the meeting is available as a video. There were some technical issues so the meeting is divided into multiple videos. You can watch them from the videos section of our Facebook page, where you can see the comments made as the videos happened, or you can view them here below the notes.

Loretto Heights: Councilman Flynn introduced development plans and stakeholders

  • Local firm called West Side Investment Partners have purchased the 72 acres.
  • A Steering Committee comprised of neighborhoods surrounding the property will assemble to give input in partnership with the City.
  • Farther outlying neighborhoods will not be on the Steering Committee but will be able to give feedback at meetings organized by the City. Times are TBA.
  • The Bell Tower, the Admin building and 1,000 seat theater are expected to be preserved during the changes.

District 4 Police

  • Crime up 2.2% in Ruby Hill due to isolated events caused by aggravated domestic assault.
  • Crime up 1.2% in District 4 due to auto theft. Make sure to lock cars and garage doors and do not leave valuables in cars.
  • Grandoozy overall was a success. Only one person arrested due to climbing over the fence to see Stevie Wonder.
  • Meeting about re-vamping Federal Blvd. Oct. 25th at Church of All Saints from 5:30-7:30pm.
  • Oct. 31st Free candy will be given out all day and night at District 4 headquarters.

Councilman Jolon Clark Announcements

  • Mayor’s 2019 proposed budget is downloadable here.
    • Mr. Clark highlighted that there will be an expected increase in mobility funding, $500,000 for a dog park in south Denver, $53 million for safety improvements for Federal Blvd, $58 million for affordable housing
  • Green Roof Initiative: A task force of 45 people reviewed and made new recommendations to the initiative which the City Council will review and vote on soon.
  • South Denver Halloween Parade will be Oct. 20th at 6pm on South Broadway between 5th and Alameda

Ballot Initiatives


  • Jill Thairey visited from Denver’s Office of Special Events
  • Summary report of event is being currently compiled for the Mayor to review
  • Accountability Committee comprised of surrounding neighborhoods may not be necessary for the future. Feedback though, will be invited. Issue is still in discussion.
  • Foundation Committee will be meeting in January to vote for the organizations that will receive grants from Grandoozy profits. Ruby Hill-Godsman will have a vote in the process.

Other Speakers

  • Di Collingwood, Volunteer Coordinator for Jovial Concepts, is looking for local neighbors who are interested in converting their lawn into a garden. The program will supply the knowledge, resources and volunteers to maintain the garden while the home owner learns the basics, helps maintain the garden and gives extra food not consumed to local food banks. Check out their website if you are interested.
  • Joyce Neufeld from Community Ministries Food Bank announced that the Garden Park Church congregation will be discontinuing and the Light House Church will now be congregating in the church. Community Ministries will continue serving the community in the gym.

In-House RNO Announcements

  • Voting
    • Ruby Hill-Godsman Neighborhood Association will be voting on November 20th for new leadership in the positions of President, Co-President and Treasurer.
    • To participate in voting in this election, one must be a member of the Neighborhood Association.
    • To be a member, a $10 (per house hold) annual membership fee is required. Our treasurer will be available on Nov. 20th if one still needs to pay their fee.
  • General Elections- Remember to vote on or before Nov. 6th for local and state issues
  • Denver Community Planning Development RNO member, Megan Lane, drafted a letter to the members of the Denver Community Planning and Development Board in request that the City adjust the heavy production boundaries for the River Drive Manufacturing District within the updated Blueprint Denver Plan. The current iteration of the Blueprint Denver draft shows the City preserving the River Drive heavy production manufacturing district starting as far north as W. Jewell Ave. which borders Ruby Hill Park and single and multi-family residences. The letter lays out reasons and suggestions for changes.
    • A vote was taken and the Neighborhood Association voted in favor of sending the letter to the board mentioned above.



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