Ruby Hill-Godsman September 2017 Meeting Notes

Neighborhood Association meeting from September 2017

Catch up on the September 2017 neighborhood association meeting by reading the meeting minutes below.

Lt. Brad Qualley from District 4

  • Nate Byrigger CRO transitioning to a new position
  • Ruben Garduño – new CRO
  • Call loads this year vs. last year RE: Levitt about the same
  • Update on crime:
    • Mosier apartments; have been doing work
    • Federal cruising and Mercado lot; improving the lot with speed bumps and parking space curbs
    • This summer’s fireworks enforcement

Andy Thomas, Levitt Pavilion

  • They’ve made adjustments to their sub-woofer; last two weeks has seen a marked difference
  • 44 trees will be planted at the top of the park by Denver Parks & Recreation
  • Parking has not been as much of an issue in Levitt’s view
    • Lyft sponsorship has been successful
    • Worked with Publication Printers and others to offer paid parking
    • Can work with Transportation on permitted parking if it gets worse
    • Looking into other options for barriers
  • Limit is 55dB at the property line. Sound moves differently based on temperature, humidity, wind, etc.; Levitt can’t control it outside the property line
  • Neighbors responded with questions, praise and appreciation, complaints and concerns

Councilman Jolon Clark

  • Spoke about the bond projects and Alameda underpass project in the general budget
  • Mentioned emerald ash-borer. Has been found in Lafayette
  • 4 plans currently going on right now: Blueprint Denver (zoning); Transit Plan; Pedestrians & Trails; Parks and Recreation
  • Broadway Halloween Parade
  • Social consumption – RNOs can be approached by potential companies looking to open businesses as they need a letter either of support or non-opposition
  • Councilman Clark will be at Platt Park Brewing Wednesday, September 20 at 8pm for open conversation

David Ehrlich, Superfly Overland Golf Course Music Festival

  • First concert will take place Sept. 14-16, 2018 from 12:00-10:00 pm
  • David Ehrlich, Superfly consultant wants community feedback in planning:
    • Open to suggestions about local, favorite non-profits, artists, restaurants that can have exposure at concerts
    • A separate foundation and advisory board will be created to talk about how the $100,000-$200,000 can be reinvested back into the community.  A member of the Ruby Hill-Godsman Neighborhood Association will be nominated to be on this committee.
    • Interested neighbors can participate with the Mayor’s Oversight Committee
    • A website will be created for neighbors to view notes taken at meetings and provide feedback
    • Informal monthly meeting will be scheduled at a local brewery or coffee shop to create open dialog with David and neighbors. TBD.
    • At our November Neighborhood Association meeting, Overland neighbors, David Ehrlich, and Scott Bolt will present on their findings of their actual experience witnessing the background structure of Superfly Concerts in progress.
  • Traffic Concerns will be addressed by a third-party traffic consulting agency that will design a plan and take in account neighbors’ concerns.
  • 24-hour towing hotline will be in place for neighbors to call if attendees are blocking their driveways.  
  • More information will be available soon on how neighbors can be involved with the options above.  

Action Items

Invite Public Works and Right of Way to a neighborhood association meeting
Sharona will talk to 311 to learn how to contact Park Rangers during concerts
Sub-committee to meet next summer

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