Ruby Hill Paving Plan

Photo of street work being done by the city of Denver

The city has released its updated paving plan (District 7: 2015 and 2015-2016). If there’s construction going on that you want to know more about check the city’s Street Maintenance & Improvements page, which is updated weekly.

Treatment for Roadways

Below are definitions of the various treatments the city does to roads. The legend in the paving plan color codes these treatment types.

  • Hot-In-Place-Recycle (HIPR) heats the top inch of existing asphalt pavement and mixes this with new asphalt. This process is less expensive and more environmental friendly than mill and overlay and provides a pavement that will last 8 to 10 years
  • Chipseal and the related Capeseal are minor surface treatments, relatively inexpensive, that seal and restore the surface of a pavement and adds 6-8 years of life to a pavement
  • Mill/Overlay is a major process where typically the top 2″ of pavement are removed by grinding and replaced with new asphalt. This process adds approximately 12 years to the life of a pavement
  • Major Machine Patch crews cut out section of the roadway for repair anywhere from 50′ to 200′ long and 10′ to 30′ wide and 8″ deep and apply 7 tons or more of asphalt for repair

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